1923: Paramount+ releases first teaser and promo photos for “Yellowstone” prequel

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Paramount+ is producing another “Yellowstone” prequel. Now the streaming service has released a first teaser trailer as well as promo pictures of the main actors. We have the latest info.

  • The first part of the “Yellowstone” prequel, “1923,” will be released in December 2022 by the streaming service Paramount+.
  • Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford will star in the series. However, nothing is known about their roles yet.
  • Now the first short teaser trailer and a series of promo images have been released by the streaming service for the new series.

With “1923”, another “Yellowstone” prequel will appear on streaming service Paramount+ in December 2022, after “1883”. It is about another generation of the Duttons. Shortly after the announcement of the exact start date of the first part, the first short teaser trailer and a few promo images have been released. We already summarized everything important for you below.

1923: When will the series be released?

Paramount+ has announced when “1923” will premiere in the US. The “Yellowstone” prequel will be available to the streaming service’s American audience before Christmas, on December 18, 2022.

1923: Is there a trailer?

Paramount+ has now released a first short teaser. In the short video, things are already action-packed, as we get to see short scene clips, all of which are marked by violence. In addition, we hear the voice of Helen Mirren in her role as Cara Dutton, as she explains that the Dutton family has always inevitably attracted and practiced violence.

In addition, a series of promotional images were released. Here we see Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford in their lead roles as Jacob and Cara Dutton – in full cowboy gear, of course.

1923: That’s why the name was changed

Originally, the series was to be released under the name “1932,” meaning it was set 9 years later. According to Paramount+, the change was made because the series will cover “the end of World War I and the beginning of Prohibition.” This is reported by the US magazine TV Line.

1923: This is what it’s all about

The new “Yellowstone” origin story follows another generation of Duttons. After the settlement of the land, this time the focus is on the bleak expansion of the West, the end of World War I and the beginning of Prohibition.

1923: Who’s in it?

Harrison Ford (“Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones”) and Helen Mirren (“The Queen”) will star. Ford will portray Jacob Dutton, the brother of James Dutton. Mirren, in turn, will portray Jacob’s wife, Cara Dutton. More details about the roles, however, are being kept well under wraps so far.

The cast also includes Robert Patrick (“The X-Files”), Darren Mann (“Animal Kingdom”), Marley Shelton (“The Lottery”), James Badge Dale (“The Empty Man”), Brian Geraghty (“Big Sky”), Julia Schlaepfer (“The Politician”), Michelle Randolph, Brandon Sklenar and newcomer Aminah Nieves.

Brand new, it has also now been announced that actor Jerome Flynn will also play a role in the new series. Flynn is best known for his role as the mercenary Bronn in HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones.” In “1923,” Flynn will portray the character Banner Creighton. The latter is described as a headstrong Scotsman who leads the local shepherds.

Also joining the series now is actor Timothy Dalton. The former “James Bond” actor (“James Bond 007 – The Touch of Death,” “James Bond 007 – License to Kill”) most recently appeared in series such as “Penny Dreadful” and “Doom Patrol” and now joins the new Paramount+ series.

In “1923,” Dalton will portray the character Donald Whitfield. He is a self-confident and powerful man who does everything to increase his accumulated wealth. In doing so, he always shows little empathy and also uses devious methods to achieve his desired goal.

1923: What is known about the production?

The series is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios, 101 Studios and Bosque Ranch Productions. Taylor Sheridan (“Yellowstone,” “Mayor of Kingstown”) is executive producing along with John Linson, Art Linson, David C. Glasser, Ron Burkle, Bob Yari and Ben Richardson.

Now it has been revealed that apparently Taylor Sheridan’s plans for the length of the series have changed. Originally, “1923” was to air as a limited eight-part miniseries. However, the series creator has probably gone so deep into the matter around the Dutton Ranch and the past of the family dynasty, that a second season has to be made.

According to the US online magazine Deadline, Sheridan’s ideas for an additional extension for the Paramount+ series have already been given the green light by the studio, but now the star-studded cast must also be brought in for another season. Whether Harrison Ford and co. will be on board for the previously unplanned extension is not yet known.

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