Young Rock: There are some star cameos in store for you in Season 3

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The biopic sitcom “Young Rock” about Dwayne Johnson will return to US broadcaster NBC in November 2022 with season 3. The new episodes from Young Rock season 3 will also feature some well-known personalities.

  • “Young Rock” continues to run successfully on the US channel NBC and now starts in November 2022 in the 3rd season.
  • The series shows the life of the young Dwayne Johnson. Season 3 will once again see the return of all the cast members from previous seasons.
  • In the new episodes, some well-known stars will be embodied by actors and will be seen in cameo appearances.

The biopic sitcom “Young Rock” is entering its 3rd season! Starting in November 2022, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will return to US network NBC with the series about his past life and his fictional future self. It has now been revealed that we can expect some cameo appearances from well-known stars in the new episodes.

Release Date for the 3rd season of Young Rock

From November 4, 2022 “Young Rock” starts at the US channel NBC in the 3rd season. It is not yet known when the series will premiere here on Sky.

Trailer for 3rd season of Young Rock

NBC has now also released a “First Look” trailer for the upcoming episodes. Here, The Rock himself gives us a brief look back at what happened in season 2 and then also gives us a preview of what to expect in season 3.

Young Rock: Plot of 3rd season

Young Rock Season 3
Young Rock © NBC

In season 3, Dwayne Johnson has to deal with the effects of the presidential election in the year 2032. He had to take a heavy defeat here and now looks into an uncertain future.

Things are also turbulent in the past. Now that Dwayne has taken his first steps in the wrestling business as a young adult, he wants to take off for good. In the new episodes, we’ll hear more of his rise to stardom and eventually the infamous turnaround from Rocky Maivia to “The Rock”.

Young Rock Season 3: Cast

Young Rock: There are some star cameos in store for you in Season 3
Young Rock © NBC

All the main actors from the first two seasons of “Young Rock” will return in their familiar roles. That means Adrian Groulx will be back as 10-year-old Johnson. Bradley Constant will continue to play Johnson as a teenager, while Uli Latukefu will embody Johnson between the ages of 18 and 20.

Stacey Leilua, Joseph Lee Anderson and Tuisila should also return as Ata, Rocky and Lia, respectively. Matthew Willig as Andre the Giant has also joined the main cast of the series since the second season.

In addition, this season we will get to see WWE Superstar Becky Lynch (a.k.a. Rebecca Quin) as music legend Cyndi Lauper. The Rock shared some first pictures with Lynch in her new role via his Instagram account.

US fitness trainer and model Brock O’Hurn will also star, portraying wrestling star Hulk Hogan. The famous US actor Mr.T will also make his appearance this season and will be played here by Jason Jenkins. Last but not least, we get to see actor Peter Gardner as the US pianist and entertainer Liberace.

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