Westworld Season 4: Here you can see the new episodes on TV and in the stream

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The HBO hit series “Westworld” is entering season 4: The brand new episodes of the Emmy-winning successful format are also running parallel to the US start in Germany – you can see them here.

  • Westworld season 4 runs parallel to the US.
  • The HBO series is available here on Sky Q and Wow and is on TV on Sky Atlantic.
  • Each week there is a new one of the eight approximately one-hour episodes to see.

It’s back to “Westworld”: The star-studded HBO production, popular with both critics and audiences , is back with its 4th season. Parallel to the US start of the new episodes, things are starting again here – on the night of June 27th, the season premiere went online on the streaming platforms Sky Ticket and Sky Q in German dubbing and in the original sound.

On linear television, the first new episode starts on Sky Atlantic on June 27 at 8:15 p.m. The seven other almost one-hour episodes of the 4th season of “Westworld” will then follow in the same pattern on a weekly basis on Wow and Sky Q as well as on pay TV on Sky Atlantic.

Westworld has been around since 1973

By the way: The Western amusement park with androids as deadly extras is not a particularly new idea, despite its great success in the HBO series “Westworld” – after all, the franchise of the same name has been around longer than “Return of the Jedi”

“Jurassic Park” author Michael Crichton created the dystopian scenario in 1973 and staged it himself as a screenwriter and director for the cinema. A few years later, “Futureworld” was followed by a film sequel, followed in 1980 by the quickly canceled series project “Beyond Westworld”.

What is also certain, however, is that the HBO series “Westworld”, which started in 2017 and boasted Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins at the beginning and has since been carried by Hollywood heavyweight Ed Harris, is the most successful approach to date. After all, JJAbrams and Jonathan Nolan (brother of ” Tenet ” director Christopher Nolan) also have a hand in this.

Westworld Season 4: Soundtrack

The label WaterTower Music released a soundtrack for the series Westworld with pieces by the composer Ramin Djawadi. The collection consists of a total of 34 songs. Special features are the cover versions of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” and Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun”. There are also classics from the Rolling Stones, the Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead. You can find the soundtrack on Spotify as well as on Amazon and Apple Music.

Westworld Season 4: Alternatives

As alternatives to the science fiction western series “Westworld” we recommend ” Electric Dreams ” and ” Altered Carbon – The Immortality Program “. “Electric Dreams” features loosely connected episodes set in a dystopian world based on the short stories by Philip K. Dick. Altered Carbon is about freedom fighter Takeshi Kovacs and a futuristic world where death is not final. A human’s consciousness resides on a disc and can easily be uploaded into another body.

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