Wendy Williams ‘100% Retired’ From Hosting TV Shows: ‘Podcasts Will Make More Money’

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Wendy Williams is leaving television and making a name for herself in the podcast industry.

A brand-new media. You weren’t prepared for Wendy Williams’ podcast to be released so quickly. On June 27, 2022, the former star of The Purple Chair spoke with TMZ and provided information about her new podcast.

Wendy stated that she “bowed out gracefully” following the conclusion of her 13-season show when she was accosted by the paparazzo. In response to a question about her forthcoming initiatives, she stated, “Of course, a podcast. This will generate more income for me than my television program.

Will Selby, Wendy’s manager, will serve as the podcast’s executive producer, according to TMZ. The Kardashians and an unnamed Trump family member will also be interviewed on the program. Snoop Dogg and Fat Joe were also in discussions with Wendy to come on the episode.

On June 17, 2022, Fox (The Orville Season 4) broadcast the final edition of the venerable daytime TV program. On June 23, 2022, a source close to Wendy confessed to The Sun how she actually felt about her “baby” being canceled. “I am aware that Wendy is currently quite hurt. She had a difficult week last week, the insider added. “It’s really terrible how it all turned out. Think of it as your own child that you have been raising all these years. How do you feel about it? Naturally, she feels hurt since it’s spread like wildfire.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams © Fox

Since July 2021, Wendy has not made an appearance on her show due to persistent health difficulties. Sherri Williams took over as the host in the interim after receiving a Graves’ disease diagnosis. The show’s final episode was hosted by Sherri, and some viewers vented their frustrations on Twitter. Wendy Williams deserves far more, one user wrote in a tweet. It is absurd that she didn’t get to appear on the show’s final episode since she created both the show and its audience. The way they treated her after learning of her health difficulties was extremely terrible.

During an interview with Charles Latibeaudiere and Harvey Levin on “TMZ Live” on Tuesday, nearly two weeks after “The Wendy Williams Show” ended after 13 years in syndication, the 57-year-old host both confirmed her plans to start her own podcast and provided an update on her health.

She declared, “I am completely done with ‘The Wendy Williams Show,’ and I don’t want to be on TV.” Williams did, however, imply that she is open to making guest appearances on discussion shows like “The View” and is not completely giving up television.

Williams noted that time and money were the main factors in her choice to start a podcast after giving up hosting her own TV program.

She claimed, “I have enough money to do something else and something I’ve never done: podcasts. “Podcasts will bring in more money once you’re well-known. Being famous will bring in more money for me than appearing on the “Wendy William Show.”

She also acknowledged that having a flexible schedule and the convenience of podcasting contributed to her decision to change.

Williams reportedly chatted with Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, the Kardashians, and a member of the Trump family about appearing as guests on her future podcast, according to her manager Will Selby, who spoke with TMZ. Her performance is still in the planning stages, so nothing is official just yet.

Williams also discussed her battle with lymphedema in her interview with “TMZ Live” at the same time. She held up her foot to demonstrate the condition’s swelling, which is brought on by a blockage in the lymphatic system.

I would typically be in a wheelchair because I can only feel around 5% of my feet, she said.

She explained that since she can still “stand up” on her own, she doesn’t now require a wheelchair.

Williams was seen moving normally when she was spotted out and about in New York City earlier this week, so Latibeaudiere enquired as to how she was feeling.

Better than you, said Williams.

Billy Bush of “Extra” broke the news about Williams’ intention to start her own podcast earlier this month. Bush claimed that Debmar Mercury, the production company that runs “The Wendy Williams Show,” and Williams had amicably decided to part ways, and that Williams will now “go off into the world of podcasts with iTunes.”

Williams’ manager, however, informed TMZ that the talk show host has not yet chosen whether she will collaborate with a single platform, like Spotify or Apple, or independently broadcast her podcast.

Due to her health issues, Williams had been missing from “The Wendy Williams Show” since July 2021. For the majority of Season 13 in her place, Sherri Shepherd hosted the finale.

This fall, Shepherd’s talk program “Sherri” will premiere during Wendy Williams’ time slot.