Virgin River Season 4 Ending, Explained: Who is the Twins’ Father?

The romance drama series “Virgin River” on Netflix is based on a number of novels written by American author Robyn Carr. The majority of the action takes place in the story’s imaginary Californian setting. Melinda “Mel” Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), a nurse practitioner and midwife, travels to Virgin River in search of a change following the terrible death of her husband.

She didn’t expect her life to change in ways she didn’t expect, but the idyllic village does. Mel held herself responsible for her husband’s passing. She finds some solace in Virgin River in that regard. She also finds love in the form of local bar owner and former Marine Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson). Other occupants have a significant role in the narrative even if Mel’s story is at its center. ‘Virgin River’ also tells their tale. Here is all the information you require on the conclusion of “Virgin River” fourth season.

Spoilers ahead!

Virgin River Season 4 Recap

Virgin River Season 4 Ending, Explained: Who Is The Twins’ Father?
Virgin River © Netflix

The audience of “Virgin River” is left with more questions than answers at the conclusion of the third season. Who is the child’s father, Mel? Brady, did you really kill Jack? How will Preacher and Christopher fare? Is Hope going to be okay? Is the young man who just moved here actually Doc’s grandson? What Ricky and Lizzie’s future holds?

These inquiries are addressed one at a time in the fourth season, though not always in the sequence listed. In one of the season 3 finales of “Virgin River,” Jack and Mel are seen sitting together and taking in an incredible sunrise. Jack picks this particular day to propose to Mel, but she admits that she is unsure of Jack’s paternity.

Brady is being held as a suspect in the shooting of Jack when Season 4 begins. Brady’s automobile contained the weapon that was used to shoot Jack. Brady is stabbed inside the prison by Calvin’s friends, and is then taken to the hospital. As a result, an unidentified donor pays for Brady’s bail bond. Brie admits her romantic feelings for Brady after learning that he didn’t shoot her brother and makes herself vulnerable.

Since Lizzie and him split up, Ricky has made numerous unsuccessful attempts to revive their romance. To Ricky’s chagrin, Lizzie and Denny become closer in the fourth season. He adjusts to the situation throughout the season, and he and Lizzie end up becoming friends.

When Hope wakes up following the accident, she discovers that her best friend Lily has passed away as a result of complications from pancreatic cancer. Doc, her primary caregiver, is becoming increasingly irritated by her actions. Thankfully, with the aid of her friends, Hope comes to understand the sacrifices Doc has been making for her, and their relationship thereafter noticeably improves.

Preacher is found comatose in the woods in the third season’s final episode, and Christopher is removed by his uncle Vince. Preacher then launches a fruitless hunt for the boy. He eventually gets Christopher back, but finds that Vince has stolen Paige as a kind of retribution for killing his brother. Preacher confronts Vince in the “The Long Goodbye” season 4 finale and manages to take down the other man, saving Paige. After saying a tearful goodbye, Ricky departs the town after being accepted for the Marine boot camp.

According to Jack’s memory, Vince shot him. Brady’s charges are all dropped, and he and Brie begin dating. Brie says she’s going to report her ex-boyfriend when he shows up at Virgin River and tries to coerce her into signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Virgin River Season 4 Ending: Who is the Twins’ Father?

Virgin River Season 4 Ending, Explained: Who Is The Twins’ Father?
Virgin River © Netflix

Who is the father of Mel’s child is the main concern in Jack’s life at the conclusion of the third season. After their relationship seems to have ended for the time being, Mel travels to Los Angeles and has Mark, her late husband, fertilize her eggs for an IVF treatment.

In the end, it is made known that Jack is the biological father of Mel’s unborn child. However, after her husband leaves her, Charmaine, a former casual lover of Jack, becomes upset and struggles to breathe. She believes that because she told Jack he was the father of her unborn children when he isn’t, she is being punished for her crimes.

Only approximately five months had passed since Charmaine initially revealed she was expecting. Even though the show has four seasons out, we must keep in mind that the tale has only been going on for about a year since Mel first arrived in the town. In order to keep Jack in her life back then, Charmaine lied. We are fairly certain that Todd is not the father of Charmaine’s twin boys. If he were, Charmaine wouldn’t need to make an effort to persuade Jack to avoid the boys.

Knowing that Jack would make a wonderful father because of his sense of duty, Charmaine likely believed that the birth father was unsuited to be a parent and kept the secret. It’s also conceivable that she made up the story in an effort to retain Jack in her life. She has only recently started to feel regret for her conduct after all these months.

What Does Denny Want?

Denny, played by Kai Bradbury, makes his debut in the season 3 finale. Doc accepts him into his life after finding out who he is. Mel among those surrounding him advises him to go carefully, nevertheless. Scammers are after all commonplace. Denny’s actions do, in fact, appear to be rather suspicious at first. He makes an attempt to open the clinic’s medicine cabinet before looking through its financial records. Lizzie knows that Denny likes her, but he declines to date her.

Denny ultimately tells Lizzie the truth in the season 4 finale. He admits to having Huntington’s illness and adds that it is terminal. It also explains why he doesn’t want to date Lizzie and the Klonopin pills he keeps in his drawer. He thinks he won’t have a future. He utilizes the money he inherited from his deceased father to pay off the clinic’s mortgage because of this. When Doc confronts him about rummaging through the clinic’s finances, he probably tells him the truth. He collapses in front of Doc and Hope, and the former doesn’t appear all that astonished, which makes this obvious.

Do Jack and Mel Get Engaged?

Yes, in the fourth season’s episode 11 titled “Once Again,” Jack and Mel do indeed become engaged. During their camping trip, Jack pops the question to Mel after she refills their hot chocolate cups in the trailer. Mel agrees this time. A portion of Jack was concerned about what to do if it came out that he wasn’t the father of Mel’s child for the most of the season. But towards the conclusion of the season, he understands that it is irrelevant. He adores Mel and desires to live out the remainder of his days with her. They get the lab results the next morning. Jack is ultimately the father, it seems.

Who Is Melissa Montgomery?

‘Virgin River’ looks to be positioning Melissa Montgomery as a significant enemy, especially after she kills the previous antagonist of the series, Calvin. Throughout the course of the season, she makes multiple appearances, and it gradually becomes clear that she is the one in charge behind closed doors. Melissa is a mature woman who exudes strength and control.

Mike and Brie learn via their investigation that Brady’s bail bond money was posted by a Melissa. When Brady visits the headquarters of their illegal activity later, Mellissa physically shows there. Later, she pays Brady a visit and makes a strong implication that she killed Calvin. She makes her final appearance of the season, in which it is revealed that Nick, the man with whom Jack recently formed a relationship about his glamping Airstream business, is her brother. We already heard that Melissa is in charge of the family trust, which provides funding for Nick’s various business endeavors, from the slanderers in Virgin River. Therefore, Melissa effectively now has authority over Jack’s budding company.