Unicorn Academy Season 2: Will Sophia and her unicorn continue?

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Unicorns, magic and the battle between good and evil. That’s what “Unicorn Academy” is all about. How likely is a season 2 at the moment?

The magical world of the children’s series “Unicorn Academy” brings magic and mythical creatures together. In the fully animated series, young Sophia gets to know the world of Unicorn Island. There she goes to school with a group of her peers, where one of her tasks is to learn to work with her unicorn to unleash their shared magical abilities. Her goal: to defend the island and its magic from evil adversaries. Season 1 of “Unicorn Academy” is currently available as a subscription on Netflix and consists of a 72-minute film, which is episode 1, and eight further episodes, each 25 minutes long. We’ll tell you whether “Unicorn Academy” will continue in a season 2.

“Unicorn Academy” quickly found a broad fan base on Netflix when it was released in November 2023. Find out which other series are also watched particularly often on the streaming provider in the video.

The chances for “Unicorn Academy” season 2 are good

The unusual start to the season of “Unicorn Academy” with one film and eight episodes, which together form a season, shows that the streaming provider is putting a lot of faith in the animated series. Together with the Canadian animation studio Spin Master, which has already successfully produced “Paw Patrol”, Netflix has an experienced partner at its side. With children aged six and over as the main target group, Netflix has a clear audience in mind. And the calculation seems to be working out, as the series is among the most-watched on Netflix in the week of its release. Netflix has not yet officially ordered a second season. However, Jen Dodge, President of Entertainment at Spin Master, spoke very clearly in an interview about concrete plans for the next episodes and a continuation of the series in the form of various formats. Even though Netflix should always expect a series to be canceled unexpectedly, the signs are currently very good that “Unicorn Academy” will continue on Netflix in one form or another.

What “Unicorn Academy” fans can look forward to

There is currently no classic order for season 2 of “Unicorn Academy”. Nevertheless, fans of the series can look forward to it. Spin Master is planning to develop an entire franchise together with Netflix. Although the series plays an important role in this, Spin Master is also planning with other media. A toy series and an online game are set to be released in 2024. Series specials of 44 and 60 minutes in length also appear to be in the pipeline. Short 20-minute episodes are also planned for YouTube in collaboration with Netflix. The specials will then focus more on the other characters in the series, such as Layla, and not just on protagonist Sophia. With 20 books published to date, the original book by author Julie Sykes offers plenty of material to build up a unicorn franchise on the scale of “Paw Patrol”. And it looks like Spin Master has plenty of plans to expand the “Unicorn Academy” universe until at least 2025.

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