Transformers: Rise of Beasts director Steve Caple Jr. in talks to direct Transformers 2

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After the events of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, the plot appears to continue. According to Deadline, Steven Caple Jr., the movie’s director, is presently negotiating to helm a sequel for Paramount Pictures. The information was released by Caple himself in an episode of the Crew Call podcast, where he also mentioned his plans to build on the big revelation that occurs in the film’s last scene. The director mentions how he purposefully inserted a number of other Easter eggs into the movie to help build up all the locations they can visit in follow-up films and spinoffs.

The seventh instalment in the live-action Transformers franchise, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, has its world debut on June 9. The film is a globe-trotting adventure set in the 1990s, complete with era-specific music, and it was inspired by the fan-favourite relaunch of the series, the epic Beast Wars. 

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Caple clarified that these discussions are still in progress by stating, “I am not officially signed on for the next movie. “We’re working on it now, but I haven’t signed on in a formal capacity. I’m conversing. Every time [the studio, producers, and I] talk about the future, you know, there’s a lot of “we,” so it kind of just slipped that way. I set up a lot of stuff in this movie. We are in talks, but everything else that was planted here was for the future.

As for delving deeper into the surprising tease at the film’s conclusion, Caple added, “I would love to. I have some suggestions for expanding that area of the IP. I would be happy and excited if I could pull off this crossover because I believe there’s a way to give Transformers movie fans what they want while simultaneously accomplishing something cool with another renowned IP.

What ideas Steven Caple Jr. have to take the story of Transformers to the next level?

In the climactic sequence of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, Michael Kelly’s enigmatic character approaches Anthony Ramos’ Noah Diaz and asks him to join a clandestine group known as GI Joe. This places the popular GI Joe franchise in the same universe as Transformers, paving the way for a future crossover plot. Caple Jr. discussed his ideas for how the upcoming movie will combine both sets of characters in an interview with Deadline.

Stevan added I suggested a course of action and general directions for the universe. The grandeur and scale of the Transformers movies are impressive, but considering how much time we’ve spent on Earth, I believe there is more to discover. We’re just thinking too little, I thought, because other planets and such are mentioned in the Transformers graphic books as well. So maybe there’s a way to make this all more expansive and expand out if we’re going to do movies eight, nine, and 10. To know more, stay tuned!

Trailer of Transformers: rise of Beasts

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