Writers Strike

‘Haunted Mansion’ premiered without CAST

Disney's Haunted Mansion is all set to release on 28 July and already the movie is in talks about the cast. The movie based on Disney's...

It Ends With Us Gone on Hold Due to WGA Rejected Argument

Writers Guild of America strike has effectively been on Hollywood now another movie It Ends With Us has also gone on hold. Already because...

Loki Season 2 Can Be Delayed Due To Writers’ Strike On Hollywood

With many MCU films (and series) currently in the works, a strike would throw Marvel Studios and Disney for a major loop, as writers often rework scripts even while a movie is in production. This is obviously including Loki Season 2.

Late-Night Talk Shows Forced to Shut Down as Writers Strike for Minimum Compensation

Late-night talk shows are some of the most popular and entertaining programs on TV. However, starting on Tuesday, several of these shows, including The...

Hollywood Writers In Strike Action, 6 Marvel Movies Are Predicted To Be Affected And Delayed

The last time there was a big strike in Hollywood was in mid-2007-2008. During that time, the Writers Guild of America work stoppage, which lasted 14 weeks and had a profound impact on the industry.