10 Shows Like Ozark That Can Cover Your Void

Worry not, there are still plenty of other shows like Ozark you can watch if you're looking for more tense thrillers about cartel crime. Here is compiled a list that features twisty plots that climax in shocking bursts of violence, and great criminal characters you can't help but root for.

Wendy Byrde Was The Real Villain On Ozark, 1 or 2 Fans May Disagree

Wendy Byrde was visibly dissatisfied with her life at the on-set. She resented her husband, and to some degree, her children, for keeping her from pursuing her career.

Ozark Character Guide And Their Fate In Season 4

Ozark follows Wendy and Marty Byrde who have become money launderers for the Navarro Cartel, a prominent drug operation out of Mexico. Each successive season of Ozark sees the Byrdes become entrenched deeper and deeper in the cartel's operations.

Will Ozark Season 5 Happen? Is It Confirmed?

The chances of Ozark returning for the fifth season are, at this point, remote. All members of the Bryde family were seen alive and free from ties to the cartel in the series finale. The only significant storyline line that’s unresolved is Jonah Bryde murdering Mel Sattem, which may result in future problems for the family.

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