Loki fans can’t wait to witness the teaser of season 2

The second season of the Disney+ sitcom Loki will feature Loki and Sylvie reunited, according to a teaser video. One of the best shows...

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Tom Hiddleston: Loki Season 2 More Dangerous

Regarding speculation about Loki Season 2, Tom Hiddleston along with other cast members on the D23 Expo stage revealed that when Loki returned to TVA, no one recognized who he was.

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Loki Season 2 Can Be Delayed Due To Writers’ Strike On Hollywood

With many MCU films (and series) currently in the works, a strike would throw Marvel Studios and Disney for a major loop, as writers often rework scripts even while a movie is in production. This is obviously including Loki Season 2.

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Loki will be back for season 2 on Disney+. But who will join him? Here's what you need to know including the Loki Season 2 Release Date Speculation and Plot.

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