The Walking Dead season 11: Will the twos be taken to the CRM?

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In The Walking Dead Season 11, Connie is referred to as “Two” by Commonwealth soldiers. Will the discarded Commonwealth residents end up at the CRM like Rick Grimes did?

  • In episode 21 of “The Walking Dead” season 11, Connie is referred to as a Two.
  • This classification is very reminiscent of the A-B classification used by Jadis when Rick was kidnapped.
  • The Twos could serve as the Commonwealth’s human tribute to the CRM.

The Walking Dead” reintroduces a mysterious classification in episode 21 of season 11. While Negan and co. are taken to a secret labor camp to help with railroad construction, Connie is classified as a “Two.”

We don’t really find out what that means, even by the end of the episode. A dying Commonwealth soldier only reveals that he’s only heard rumors about “twos” so far, that they’re being taken to a place very far away. And, that they won’t be coming back.

Once before, the AMC series gave us a similar mystery: When Rick was kidnapped by Jadis, she talked to the helicopter group over the radio about whether he was an A or a B. This mystery was cleared up in the spin-off “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.” The helicopter group is the Civic Republic Military, or CRM, is a paramilitary force of the Civic Republic.

The Civic Republic is a hidden city of 200,000 survivors and is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So the CR is even much larger than the Commonwealth. Before his death, Lance Hornsby hinted that he had connections to a powerful partner. Most likely, the partner is the CRM, which is known for having people delivered to it.

A-persons are used for Project Votus, which requires individuals to undergo a zombie bite under controlled laboratory conditions. The goal is thus to find a cure for the zombie virus. B-persons become part of the CRM.

Since the Commonwealth’s B-persons cannot be used as workers and are exiled, we assume that this exile is part of the CRM and that this human trafficking ensures the Commonwealth’s independence. Because we have already seen in World Beyond that the CRM is not afraid of annexing other communities or razing them to the ground.

The Walking Dead Season 11: Part 3 starts on Disney+ – then the series finale rises

The Walking Dead Season 11: Will The Twos Be Taken To The Crm?

Part 3 of the 11th season of “The Walking Dead” starts on Disney+. From October 3, a new episode will start weekly on the streaming service. Also, the series finale of “The Walking Dead” can be seen already on Disney+ from November 20, 2022.

The 11th season of “The Walking Dead” is starting its final third, bringing the final episode of the zombie series ever closer. On these dates, the final episodes of the series start.

That those who are dead live longer is an important basic rule in “The Walking Dead” that helps the living survive. After 11 seasons, however, the AMC series itself will probably be laid to rest: with the third part of the repeatedly paused last season, the final episodes of the hit series will premiere on Disney+.

The first episode of the last third of season 11 will start on October 3, 2022, and the remaining seven episodes will then go online on Disney+ at weekly intervals. Until November 21, 2022 – that’s when the big series finale of “The Walking Dead” is scheduled.

And even if the main narrative comes to an end, the TWD franchise is definitely not really dead in view of the spin-offs and sequels that have already been created and are still possible – just as you would expect from sensible zombie content.

The Walking Dead Season 11: The last episodes come to Disney+

The Walking Dead Season 11: Will The Twos Be Taken To The Crm?
The Walking Dead Season 11 © AMC

October 3, 2022: Season 11, Episode 17
Oct. 10, 2022: Season 11, episode 18
Oct. 17, 2022: Season 11, episode 19
October 24, 2022: Season 11, Episode 20
October 31, 2022: Season 11, Episode 21
November 7, 2022: Season 11, Episode 22
November 21, 2022: Season 11, Episode 24 (Finale)

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