The Sandman: Release date and everything we know

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In 1988, the first edition of “The Sandman” graphic novel was published. A total of 75 issues were published by Vertigo Comicverlag until 1996, in which mythological characters, as well as historical persons or fictional comic characters, appeared.

This outstanding graphic novel “The Sandman” (the most awarded comic series in the world) by fantasy author Neil Gaiman becomes a series on streaming provider Netflix. He has contractually agreed with Warner Bros. Television. Insiders are said to rumor that it is the most expensive TV series DC Entertainment has ever made. The first teaser has been around since the “Tudum” Netflix (Squid Game Season 2) event and now Netflix has added a promising little movie for Geeked Week:

The Sandman: Plot

The Sandman Release Date
The Sandman © Netflix

The ruler of the dream realm is called Morpheus or Dream (Tom Sturridge), who was created together with his six siblings with the origin of the universe and, unlike gods, does not need believers to exist.

The series shows with which people and in which places the dream king came into contact. At the same time, he must settle the cosmic and human mistakes he has committed in his existence.

The Sandman: Cast

Gaiman’s groundbreaking graphic novels are considered a gem among fantasy fans. No wonder the rush was huge when Netflix took the reins a few years ago to adapt “The Sandman” as a series for the streaming service.

Tom Sturridge appears as the main character Dream/Morpheus, the siblings are played by Kirby Howell-Baptistes (Death), Donna Preston (Despair) and Mason Alexander Park (Desire). Destiny, Destruction and Delirium have not yet been occupied.

Other main characters found the “Sandman” series as follows: Gwendoline Christie is Lucifer, Sanjeev Bhaskar and Asim Chaudhrey are Cain and Abel, Lyta Hall is Razane Jammal, Joely Richardson plays the older Ethel Cripps, the younger one is portrayed by Niamh Walsh, David Thewlis is John Dee, Kyo Ra is Rose Walker, Stephen Fry becomes Gilbert, Jenna Coleman Johanna Constantine, Sandra James Young is Unity Kincaid and Patton Oswalt lends his voice to Matthew the Raven.

The Sandman: Netflix Stream

As the latest teaser trailer announces, An exact streaming start for the Netflix “The Sandman” series is finally certain, on August 5, 2022 it is so far. Netflix has not always been able to convince with live-action films, it remains exciting what the end product looks like, even if previously published material encourages anticipation. So not streaming, actually doesn’t work. Behind the scenes, Neil Gaiman was enthusiastic as an executive producer right from the start. He is assisted by David S. Goyer and Allan Heinberg, who leads the series as showrunners.

Some fans of the comic didn’t get along very well with the cast list. The fact that the pale goth girl Death is now played by a black actress was apparently an extreme shock for some. Neil Gaiman has clearly countered the corresponding hostility on social media and made it clear that such comments do not affect him at all, because he must assume that the people in question have either not read the comic or did not understand it. He recommends watching the series first and then forming an opinion.

Netflix orders 11 episodes of Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman”.

Neil Gaiman’s works are anything but easy to film. Therefore, the process often drags on for years. So it was with “American Gods” by Starz (Gaslit Season 2) and even more tedious with “Good Omens”, which the streaming and shipping giant Amazon finally dared to do.

The cinematic adaptation of the Sandmann comics has also been under discussion since the 1990s, the last documented attempt started in 2013, when Gaiman announced that he was working on a film with Joseph Gordon-Levitt at New Line. Gordon-Levitt was supposed to direct, but then there were creative disputes and in March 2016 he gave up the project. Eric Heisserer was the last to work on a script for the film, but he also announced in November 2016 that he is no longer involved.

He said that in his opinion, the template would be much better suited for a series and not for a movie, even if it were a trilogy. With this statement, he addressed the channel HBO directly, which showed no interest. That was the point at which it turned on Netflix and accessed it.

Who is on the team for the Netflix series “The Sandman”?

  • Allan Heinberg (“Wonder Woman”, “The Catch”, “Grey’s Anatomy”) is the screenwriter and showrunner for the series.
  • Comic book writer Neil Gaiman will be on set as executive producer.
  • David Goyer, who was also involved in the last adaptation attempt at New Line, supports him in this.

The cast of “The Sandman” on Netflix

  • Dream / Morpheus: Tom Sturridge
  • Voice of Matthew the Raven: Patton Oswalt
  • Desire: Mason Alexander Park
  • Death: Kirby Howell-Baptistes
  • Despair: Donna Preston
  • Lyta Hall: Razane Jammal
  • Ethel Cripps: Joely Richardson
  • The young Ethel Cripps: Niamh Walsh
  • John Dee: David Thewlis
  • Rose Walker: Kyo Ra
  • Gilbert: Stephen Fry
  • Johanna Constantine: Jenna Coleman
  • Unity Kincaid: Sandra James Young

Until we finally see the actors in action, you can still buy the comics in different variants and revel in fear or hope, depending on your disposition and expectations. Alternatively, you can also indulge in the Gaiman film adaptations on Amazon, you can test the provider once for 30 days free of charge. With “Good Omens” and “American Gods” you are busy in the meantime.

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