The Sandman Ending, Explained: Who is the Real Dream Vortex?

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The Sandman is a Netflix fantasy series based on the same-named comic book series by Neil Gaiman. In the first season, viewers are introduced to the mythology of the Endless, their conflicts, and the difficulties they have in maintaining the harmony between their domain and that of humans.

The protagonist of the tale is Morpheus, sometimes known as Dream. The events of the show begin with his capture. Many characters have been introduced by the time the season is over. Even if Dream is able to resolve most of his problems, he will soon run into new challenges. The events of season 2 are hinted to in the season finale, giving Dream’s future a bleak appearance. Here, we evaluate the conclusion and what it entails for the ultimate authority of the Dreaming.

Spoilers ahead!

The Sandman Season 1 Plot Synopsis

The Sandman Ending, Explained: Who Is The Real Dream Vortex?
The Sandman © Netflix

After performing a spell that unintentionally captured her brother rather than Death, Morpheus, the King of Dreams, spends his time in the glass prison of the Order of Ancient Mysteries. Dream’s loss of his tools has drastically diminished him.. He remains silent throughout his confinement in the hopes that one day someone will err and free him. The day finally arrives more than a century later.

Dream has an endless list of worries after breaking out from prison. He has to get his tools back. He must find the misplaced nightmares and dreams. He must reconstruct the Dreaming while accepting that the authority and organization of his kingdom have changed significantly without him. But the real problem is revealed when a dream vortex is found.

In the middle of all this, the reader is also made aware of Dream’s friendship with Death and his rivalry with his sister, Desire, who never ceases to think of new ways to annoy him. Lucifer Morningstar, the supreme lord of Hell, ends up being Dream’s foe in his search for his tools. Lucifer thinks it is time to wage war on the Dreaming in order to one day dominate the waking world as well.

The Sandman Season 1 Ending: Who is the Real Dream Vortex?

The Sandman Ending, Explained: Who Is The Real Dream Vortex?
The Sandman © Netflix

An entity with the power to create or destroy entire universes is a dream vortex. Until the barriers between people’s dreams are removed, it becomes the focal point of all dreams and nightmares. The boundaries between the waking and dreaming worlds gradually disappear as well. The vortex, which eventually collapses in on itself, traps everyone inside a single dream, destroying the dreaming irreversibly and having an effect on the waking world as well.

This problem, which manifests itself to Dream in the shape of Rose Walker, must be dealt with. She starts to display symptoms of her skills after the investigation into her missing brother, and they develop stronger every day. In the beginning, Dream keeps an eye on Lyta Hall from a distance, keeping track of her both in the Dreaming and the waking world after she becomes pregnant in her dream and gives birth to a child.

Dream is convinced that she should be put to death as a result. In the end, Rose also comes to terms with her fate and decides she’s willing to die to save the Earth. However, as a secret is revealed, the situation is drastically changed.

It seems Unity Kinkaid was never intended to be the first dream vortex of this era. Dream was still a young child when Roderick Burgess captured her. While he was away, the sleeping disease swept the planet, and Unity was one of its victims. She dreamed constantly while awake, meeting “the golden-eyed man,” having a child, and eventually becoming Rose’s grandmother. Unity’s fate to become the vortex was passed to her children because she was unable to fulfill it, making Rose bear that responsibility.

Unity steals Rose’s heart, the thing that makes her the vortex, in an effort to save her great-granddaughter. When unity is shattered, it dies. Since the vortex has been shattered, Dream has no longer any motivation to kill Rose, so she returns home to be with her brother and friends. However, the fallout from losing her love will certainly have an impact on her future. It may have contributed to her transformation into the vortex, but it was also a fundamental aspect of her identity. If Rose’s heart is gone, how will she ever feel anything?

The second season is similarly built up with Desire’s hostility/rivalry with Dream becoming more obvious in light of this finding. Dream is aware that Desire meddled in the affairs of “the golden eyed man” because Unity refers to him as “the golden eyed man.” If Desire hadn’t made Unity pregnant, Unity would have passed away in her sleep, and the vortex situation would have been rectified. Desire decided to escalate the vortex problem in order to further worsen the situation for Dream because she was plainly bothered by it.

It was especially important if Dream had mistakenly spilt family blood by killing Rose Walker because Desire was Dream’s great-grandfather. Though the reason Desire is so determined to ruin Dream’s life and why they are so desperate for Dream to kill Rose Walker has not yet been addressed in the program, it definitely has to do with their long-standing relationship and the fact that they are not the closest of siblings.

All you need to know is that shedding family blood weakens an all-powerful Endless without giving anything away for the future. Given how closely the show adheres to its origin, this story is heavily developed in the comic books. A killable Endless is also one that is feeble.

Without a sure, Rose will make more appearances because the potential in her connection with Desire is so great. This is not her or her brother Jed’s last appearance because they are Endless descendants. Desire is driven to bring Dream to his knees, just as Lucifer is driven to conquer all realms and turn them into Hell.

In the future, Dream’s enemies might band together to destroy him and his world. Given all the danger in store for him and the fight between the two Endless, the mythology of the remaining three siblings will be developed further in the upcoming season when they show up to resolve the problem. It may have divided them into factions, with some siding with Desire and some with Dream, making it easier for Lucifer to carry out his own desires.

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