The Boys Season 3 Ending Explained: Is Ryan the New Villain?

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After seeing The Boys Season 3, the audience is left with a lot to consider. The course of almost every character alters. Whether this will be for the better or worse is yet to be determined. While some characters meet their justly deserved demise, the stories of other characters are just beginning.

There is a great deal of uncertainty about both the future of the Boys and the Seven. By the time it’s over, certain issues have at least been partially resolved, while the introduction of new threats primes the fourth season. What does the action from the Season 3 finale portend for the characters on the show and their future? Let’s look into it.

The Boys Season 3 Recap

The Boys Season 3 Ending Explained: Is Ryan the New Villain?
The Boys Season 3 © Prime Video

After realizing what V-24 is capable of, Butcher decides to keep Hughie out of the next conflict. While he and Soldier Boy are on their way back to New York, Hughie is picked up by Annie, who tells him the truth. When Hughie finds out that Butcher saved his life, he is relieved since it shows that he still has some redeeming traits. In the interim, Maeve is able to get away from authorities after Vought is threatened with a facility search. Homelander meets Ryan, and they end up becoming friends.

Butcher worries that if Soldier Boy learns that the Supe is his son, he could start to doubt Homelnader. He is glad to hear that Soldier Boy would keep his end of the bargain, but only if Black Noir is first put to death. Noir returns to the tower in the hopes of aiding Homelander in the fight against Soldier Boy. Instead, Homelander kills him because he suppressed the knowledge for such a long time. In the interim, A-Train faces criticism from his brother, and Deep must deal with the repercussions of breaking up with Cassandra.

While the others try to break up the conflict they know will result in many casualties, Butcher and Maeve band together to do whatever it takes to bring Homelander down. When Homelander gets Ryan into the altercation, it takes a surprising turn at the Vought Tower. Maeve ultimately makes a sacrifice by leaving the building with Soldier Boy, who was about to blow up and kill everyone nearby. Despite the fact that Maeve seemed to have vanished, it turns out that she was considerably more resilient than anyone had anticipated.

The Boys Season 3 Ending Explained: Is Ryan the New Villain?

The Boys Season 3 Ending Explained: Is Ryan the New Villain?
The Boys Season 3 © Prime Video

Soldier Boy and Homelander were supposed to fight, but something entirely unexpected transpires. The complete team of the Boys must work together to stop Soldier Boy since he is out to assassinate Homelander and his son Ryan. He easily has power over everyone. When it appears like Annie is the only one still in his way, Hughie offers her a chance. By amplifying the energy surrounding Starlight so she can feed off of it because Starlight possesses electrical abilities, Hughie takes a chance. The plan is successful, and Annie gains newfound power. At the moment, it seems possible that Homelander is not the only one who can fly.

This is really intriguing since it implies that Annie’s whole set of skills has not yet been fully understood. If she can fly, what else can she do? Does having more power make her equally as strong as Homelander, if not stronger? Will Annie ultimately succeed in making the strong Superman submit? Although this hasn’t been decided, if it occurs, the Boys will have a big advantage over Homelander and Vought. And it appears that they might need it considering that Soldier Boy is still alive.

He is still alive after the Boys use Novichok to sedate him with a little help from Maeve. When we last see him, Mallory is in charge of putting him into cryogenic hibernation. As a result, Soldier Boy won’t be a problem for a while, but that doesn’t mean he won’t return. He had previously been held captive, but he managed to get out. He’s closer to home this time, and he’ll soon wake up from his forced nap. This time, he will approach the Boys similarly to how he tackled Payback. That is a concern for the future, though.

At this point, the Boys’ immediate worries take precedence. Victoria Neuman had been establishing her political career while they had been entirely focused on Homelander. She had struck a bargain with Homelander, giving him Ryan’s whereabouts in return for a favor. It becomes out that the favor was to have the vice president killed so that she could succeed him in office. Before this, Supes had never even considered enlisting in the military. Stan Edgar, who consistently maintained order among everyone, including Homelander, never allowed them to have more authority over common people.

Once Victoria is in the White House, the situation will get much worse. Of course, this is just the start of her plan. What she wants to do with her political influence will become clearer in the future season. Bringing Neuman down will be important for the Boys, who now also include Annie. But this is the aim; they won’t be hunting some rogue Supe. Any scheme against her will be illegal because she will be the vice president of the United States of America. It’s likely that this time, not even Mallory and the CIA will be able to help them.

Because Ryan is now in Homelander’s custody, Butcher is experiencing significantly more personal hardships as the political situation deteriorates. The youngster who has lost all of his previous family will not gain anything by being raised by a violent maniac. Despite having the best of intentions, Butcher had abandoned him despite acting irresponsibly.

By Homelander, he feels cherished and welcomed. His father doesn’t blame him for his mother’s demise or restrict him from using his powers. Prior to seeing Homelander kill a civilian in public while being praised for it, Ryan—who had previously been scared of his own abilities—might decide to follow his father’s lead. The fact that he grinned at the conclusion is bad for everyone. In particular, Butcher, who could have to break his promise to Becca if Ryan continues to do poorly season after season.