The Best Supplements for Female Pattern Baldness

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Female pattern baldness is a common condition, but it may still cause significant emotional distress. While there is no magic pill or cure, certain hair supplements for women and treatments can potentially slow hair loss and promote new growth. Beyond consulting a dermatologist or medical professional, there are essentially two steps you need to take to understand the hair growth product marketplace.

Step 1: Untangled Hair Growth Supplements

Navigating the world of hair growth supplements can be overwhelming. Some products, like Untangled, are known for their benefits. Still, it and other supplements work in different ways. A dermatologist or hair loss specialist can help you understand the potential benefits and limitations of popular options. Some of the most popular supplements include:

  • Iron: Iron supplements are useful when hair loss stems from an iron deficiency, which is a common cause in women. Always consult a physician before supplementing your iron stores.
  • Biotin: Vitamin B7, or biotin, plays a role in healthy hair growth. While severe biotin deficiency is rare, supplementing with it can benefit those with thinning hair.
  • Vitamin D: Studies suggest a possible link between low vitamin D levels and hair loss. If you’re deficient, supplementation could offer benefits. However, consult a doctor before taking any supplement.
  • Saw Palmetto: The plant-based supplement can work as a natural inhibitor of DHT, a hormone associated with hair loss. It might be a helpful alternative for women seeking a more natural solution.
  • Multivitamins: While not typically associated with hair growth, if your diet is less than ideal, a multivitamin supports overall health and contributes to biological processes like hair growth.

It cannot be stressed enough: Before taking any hair growth supplements, or supplements of any kind, even vitamins for hyperpigmentation, consult a qualified medical professional. While most supplements are harmless, taking some can lead to medical issues.

Step 2: Hair Growth Serums

Beyond hair growth supplements, you may find a hair growth serum for women. Most serums can work in tandem with supplements and are topical. Again, caution is necessary when buying these products. Look for items with FDA-approved ingredients.

One of the most popular FDA-approved ingredients for hair growth is minoxidil. In fact, it is the only FDA-approved topical treatment for female pattern baldness. The product is available over-the-counter or by prescription, depending on the strength. It is thought to improve blood flow and potentially enlarge hair follicles. 

If you use minoxidil or another serum, commitment is key. Most serums require long-term use to see optimal results or benefits. Also, when using a serum, be aware of any potential side effects. Most products list the side effects on the label, but consult your doctor if you are concerned or cannot find the information.

Female pattern baldness is a common condition, but its commonality does not eliminate the emotional strain of the condition. If you are experiencing hair loss or thinning and are concerned about the underlying cause, contact a dermatologist or hair loss professional for help. Do not purchase any supplements or serums without first consulting a qualified professional.

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