The Bear Season 3 Confirmed: Returns with new episodes

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Although “The Bear” is still running under the radar in some countries, FX is renewing the series for season 3 – because it is still an award-winning hit in the USA.

When asked if The Bear season 3 has been given the green light, we can finally say a joyful “Yes, boss!”. While the dramedy series, which can be seen on Disney+, the title from series creator Christopher Storer has already won plenty of awards and set records in the USA: In addition to 13 Emmy nominations in 2023, “The Bear” was honored with a Critics Choice Award, an AFI Award and a Golden Globe, among others. According to Deadline, the second season also went down in history as the most-watched premiere of an FX series on Hulu.

The Bear Phenomenon: Season 3 is a done deal

Overseas, “The Bear” recorded a whopping 70% increase in streamed hours compared to the first season within the first four days of the second season’s release. As Media Play News reports, the kitchen dramedy even became the most-watched series on all platforms in the USA in the debut week of the current episodes (June 16 to 25, 2023).

It therefore comes as no surprise that FX has renewed “The Bear” for season 3. As Disney reports, Nick Grad, President of FX Entertainment, is already looking forward to the next chapter:

“‘The Bear’ thrilled viewers in its first season and celebrated even greater success with its second season. The series has become a cultural phenomenon. […] We are very proud of the collaboration with Christopher Storer, Joanna Calo, Josh Senior and the rest of the creative team, as well as the brilliant cast of Jeremy Allen White, Ayo Edebiri and Ebon Moss-Bachrach. What they and the team have accomplished is truly remarkable, and we and our partners at Hulu and Disney+ look forward to the next chapter in the story of ‘The Bear’ with the fans.”

The Bear Season 3 Release Date: When does The Bear Season 3 start on Disney+?

Prior to the announcement, showrunner Christopher Storer told Esquire about initial directing plans for the next chapter of “The Bear”:

“It was great to have Ayo [Edebiri] on set […] – she’s going to be directing a couple episodes next year, so she brought fresh perspectives ahead of time.”

While “The Bear” Season 3 is a sure thing, FX, Disney and Hulu have yet to announce a firm start date. In the past, the series has been broadcast on an annual basis, with German-speaking audiences always having to wait two to four months longer to enjoy new episodes. However, due to the ongoing strike by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), a possible third season is likely to deviate from this schedule. Depending on how long the actors continue to strike, new episodes are not expected until the end of 2024 or even 2025.

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The Bear Season 3 Plot: What happens next?

Warning: Spoilers for “The Bear” season 2 follow

While in the finale of the first season and throughout the course of the second, everything pointed to The Original Beef of Chicagoland shining as a rising star in the restaurant sky under the new name The Bear, the cooking pot threatens to boil over at the end of the second season – several times over.

The Pressure is Mounting: Is “The Bear” restaurant on the brink of collapse?

Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) suffers from flashbacks that ultimately cause her so much anxiety that she throws up. Can she face her inner demons in season 3 and seize the dream of a Michelin star without fearing a mental breakdown?

Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) probably won’t be much help at first. Not only is he locked in the walk-in fridge because he has repeatedly failed to contact the technician, but he also has his own personal problems to deal with. Although his relationship with Claire (Molly Gordon) visibly filled him with happiness, he breaks her heart. Carmy simply doesn’t believe in a future in which he could combine the Michelin kitchen with a functioning relationship. Can Claire possibly prove him wrong? Or will this mean the end of their relationship for good?

Based on several cliffhangers, Richie actor Ebon Moss-Bachrach even has an idea of what we can expect in season 3, as he mentioned in an interview with Digital Spy:

“In the first season, we get to know the restaurant. The second season is about creating a new version of the restaurant and it ends on the first day. Now I’m curious to see what the day-to-day looks like and if it’s sustainable. That would be a third season for me: okay, what does the new thing look like? Because you don’t get to see that very often.”

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The Bear Season 3 Cast: Who’s in it?

There is no official information on the cast of “The Bear” season 3 yet, but based on the plot, we can already speculate on what the cast of the sequel might look like. We assume that we will see the following actors again:

  • Jeremy Allen White as Carmy
  • Ayo Edebiri as Sydney
  • Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Richie
  • Lionel Boyce as Marcus
  • Liza Col’n-Zayas as Tina
  • Abby Elliott as Natalie
  • Matty Matheson as Neil Fak
  • Edwin Lee Gibson as Ebra
  • Oliver Platt as Uncle Jimmy
  • Chris Witsake as Pete
  • Jon Bernthal as Michael

It would also be conceivable for Molly Gordon to slip back into the role of Claire. A comeback by Jamie Lee Curtis as Donna is also not impossible. It remains to be seen whether the guest appearances by Bob Odenkirk, Sarah Paulson, Will Poulter, Olivia Colman and John Mulaney will also be repeated. However, those responsible may also surprise us with new faces.

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