Star Wars Spin-off ‘Andor’ had an almost F-word in Season 1

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What will be our reaction if we know that the space fiction Star Wars cussed on the most viewed streaming platform?

Star Wars spinoff ‘Andor’ has become so much popular among the audience that people are eagerly waiting for its second season. As the show is still fresh in our eyes, the producer Tony Gilroy has revealed an amazing insight from the scene of the show. The executive producer shared that in the season 1 finale episode of ‘Andor’, he made a character say the F-word before the channel canceled the word.

Star Wars Spin-off 'Andor' had an almost F-word in Season 1

The F-Cuss On Disney+

In the finale episode of ‘Andor‘ episode Rix Road which featured a funeral scene of Maarva Andor, the adoptive mother of series main lead Cassian Andor. The funeral scene is set on Cassian’s home planet of Ferrix. As the scene proceeds, their trusted droid B2EMO plays a holographic message from Maarva to try and unite the public against the Galactic Empire. The, Maarva yells, “Fight the Empire!” but what Caron and Gilroy had planned on her yelling was “F**k the Empire!” instead. 

During an interview with Variety, Gilroy said- “Disney wouldn’t let us use it. So we changed it to ‘fight the Empire.’ I remember having a call with Tony Gilroy saying, ‘Are we gonna get away with this?

Star Wars Spin-off 'Andor' had an almost F-word in Season 1

Star Wars being a more Family Content show did not permitted to cussed on the show. ‘Andor’ creator said- “I wrote a memo on it and said, ‘Here’s why I think it’s economically prudent, and here’s why I think it’s good.'” Disney was very adamant with F-word and changed the dialogue with Fight The Empireaccording to Collider

This is quite interesting that if Disney would have accepted it, this could have been Star Wars’ first F*** cuss. But this is not the first time a character would have used the F-word. A courtesy of Andor was seen, when the word “s**t” was heard during the battle episode. Slowly the markers are making way towards more conversational rather than purely sacred.

Season 2 of Andor

The Star Wars ‘Andor’ season 2 is in production and is slated to be released in 2024. The production is halted due the writer’s strike. The producer Gilroy also stepped off as the producer of the show till things get going and a team of writer to be proud of.

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