Star Wars answers the unanswered question concerning Leia from Return of the Jedi

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For a while now, the Skywalker Saga has used Star Wars’ extended world of comic books and novels to fill in the blanks. Let’s investigate the unanswered question now!!!

Typically, it has been to address unresolved issues from the sequel trilogy, such Palpatine’s surprising reappearance or Rey’s parents. But a recent book has turned to the past and answered a persistent Return of the Jedi riddle.

On August 16, Beth Revis’ novel Star Wars: The Princess and the Scoundrel, which takes place shortly after Return of the Jedi, will be released. It describes Han Solo and Leia’s marriage on Endor and their luxurious Halcyon-driven honeymoon around the galaxy.

Since this is Star Wars, things obviously don’t go perfectly, therefore in the novel, Han and Leia will battle any remaining Imperial remnants who are still clinging to power on distant worlds.

A new extract on reveals a crucial scene that occurs before their honeymoon—and it’s a moment that finally answers a nagging Skywalker Saga question. We’ll have to wait and see what those battles entail, though we believe they’ll both survive.

You probably recall an emotional exchange between Luke Skywalker and his beloved father Darth Vader, a.k.a. Anakin Skywalker, in Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars Answers The Unanswered Question Concerning Leia From Return Of The Jedi

Vader begs Luke to take off his helmet after he gives his life to save Luke so he can see his son with Anakin’s eyes in his dying moments. Luke wants to save him even though he knows it will kill him, but Anakin assures him that he has already done so.

“You were correct. Regarding me, you were correct. Inform your sister that you were correct “Luke was convinced there was still good in his father, and Anakin tells him that.

Only, we were never given the chance to witness if Luke actually informed Leia of their father’s atonement and parting advice. The closing scene on Endor shows Luke joyfully reunited with Leia, Han, and co. Return of the Jedi then turns to Luke burning the funeral pyre for Anakin.

It’s a topic that was never discussed during Luke and Leia’s lone encounter in the sequel trilogy, The Last Jedi. The Princess and the Scoundrel, however, deals with problems that have been bothering you for years.

In one scene from the book, Luke is about to tell Leia what their father had told them to tell her when Leia simply says, “Don’t.”

She responds, “I don’t care,” when Luke tries again, but Luke persists. “He was decent. After all, he still had some redeeming qualities “Luke informs Leia. This section, written from Leia’s point of view, is the result of a revelation:

“My father was nice, Leia reflected, but she had Bail Organa in mind rather than Darth Vader. She was reminded of Breha, her mother, when she thought of Bail. her house. a loss of everything she had.”

Given that he was accountable for wiping out the one planet she knew as home, it makes perfect sense for Leia to be slower to forgive Vader/Anakin. Her mental dialogue continues, wondering if Luke had felt a stronger connection to his biological father than she did to her birth mother.

Even still, she draws a far more straightforward conclusion as to why she can’t pardon their father in the same way as Luke can: “Maybe it wasn’t quite that profound. Maybe it was just that their biological father had never abused Luke in the same manner that she had.”

There is no disputing that.

On August 16, The Princess and the Scoundrel will be released and Disney+ already has access to the complete Skywalker Saga.