Sinister 3 Is Possible: Why It Never Happened?

Sinister 3: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle - Why the Horror Series Ended with a Cliffhanger

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If you are a fan of horror movies, you probably remember Sinister, the 2012 film that scared the pants off many viewers with its creepy story of a true-crime writer who finds a box of disturbing home movies in his new house. The film was a huge hit, earning $87.7 million at the box office on a $3 million budget, and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It also spawned a sequel, Sinister 2, released in 2015 and followed a new family haunted by the same evil entity, Bughuul.

But what about Sinister 3? Many fans have wondered if there will ever be a third installment in the franchise and why it has yet to happen. Well, we have some answers for you. Here are some reasons why Sinister 3 never happened and the chances of it happening in the future.

Statement By The Producer Jason Blum

Sinister 3 - Jason Blum
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One of the main reasons why Sinister 3 never happened is because of the statement made by Jason Blum, the franchise producer and the founder of Blumhouse Productions, which specializes in low-budget horror films. In an interview with CinePOP in 2018, Blum was asked about the possibility of Sinister 3, and he gave a very blunt answer: “Nope. No Sinister 3.”

Blum did not elaborate on why he decided to end the franchise, but it could be related to the performance of Sinister 2, which was not as successful as the first film. Sinister 2 grossed $52.9 million worldwide on a $10 million budget, which is still profitable but less impressive than Sinister’s numbers. It also received mostly negative reviews from critics and fans, who criticized its lack of originality, scares, and atmosphere.

Scott Derrickson Went On To Bigger Things Than Sinister 3

Another reason Sinister 3 never happened is Scott Derrickson, the first film’s director and co-writer. Derrickson did not return to direct or write Sinister 2, as he was working on another project: Doctor Strange. This Marvel Cinematic Universe film starred Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme.

Derrickson’s involvement in Doctor Strange was a big deal for him, as it allowed him to work on a bigger scale and budget and to reach a wider audience. Doctor Strange was released in 2016 and was a critical and commercial success, earning $677.7 million worldwide and receiving praise for its visuals, performances, and humor.

Derrickson has since been attached to other projects, such as The Black Phone, an adaptation of a short story by Joe Hill that stars Ethan Hawke (who also starred in Sinister), and Labyrinth, a sequel to the 1986 fantasy film that starred David Bowie. Derrickson has also expressed interest in returning to direct Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which Sam Raimi is currently helming.

With all these projects on his plate, it seems unlikely that Derrickson would have time or interest to revisit Sinister 3, especially since he has said that he prefers to work on original stories rather than sequels.

Why Isn’t Sinister 3 Coming Out?

Why Isn’t Sinister 3 Coming Out?
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Besides Blum’s statement and Derrickson’s departure, other factors could explain why Sinister 3 is not coming out. One of them is the need for more demand from fans and audiences. While Sinister was a popular and well-received film, it did not have a huge fan base or cult following that would clamor for more sequels. The film was also self-contained and did not leave any major cliffhangers or unanswered questions that would warrant further exploration.

Another factor is the competition from other horror franchises that have dominated the genre in recent years. Films such as The Conjuring, Insidious, Paranormal Activity, Saw, Annabelle, The Purge, and Halloween have been more successful and prolific than Sinister, offering more sequels, prequels, spin-offs, and reboots that have attracted more attention and revenue.

Additionally, there is the possibility that Sinister 3 could face legal issues due to the rights of the franchise. In 2018, Lantern Entertainment acquired The Weinstein Company’s assets after it filed for bankruptcy following numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against its co-founder Harvey Weinstein. Among those assets were several film franchises, including Sinister. However, Lantern Entertainment has been involved in several lawsuits with other studios and producers over who owns the rights to certain films and projects. It is unclear if Sinister 3 would be affected by these disputes or if Lantern Entertainment would be interested in producing it.

In conclusion, Sinister 3 is not coming out because of a combination of factors, such as the lack of interest from the original creators, the low demand from fans and audiences, the high competition from other horror franchises, and the potential legal complications from the ownership of the rights. While this may disappoint some fans of the first two films, it may also be a blessing in disguise, as it could prevent the franchise from becoming stale or repetitive. Sinister 3 may not be necessary to appreciate the horror and mystery of the first two films, which stand on their own as compelling and terrifying stories.

Sinister 3 Release Date: Speculation!

Sinister 3 Release Date
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The answer is more complex. According to Cargill, who co-wrote both Sinister films with Derrickson, there was never a plan for a third installment in the franchise. He said in a tweet in 2018 that “there was no Sinister 3. We never even had an idea for one. We just made two movies we liked, and that was that”. However, he also hinted that there might be some hope for fans who want to see more of the sinister world. He said “there’s always a chance” that someone else could pick up the torch and make a third film, but he also warned that “it would have to be good” to live up to the expectations.

Derrickson, who directed the first Sinister film and produced the second one, also expressed his doubts about making a third film. He said in an interview in 2016 that he felt “the story was told” after the second film and that he did not want to “force a sequel” that would not be satisfying for the audience or himself. He also said he was more interested in exploring other genres and stories than repeating himself with another horror film.

However, there is still some possibility that Sinister 3 could happen someday. In 2019, Blumhouse Productions, the company behind Sinister and many other successful horror films, announced that it had acquired the rights to several franchises from Universal Pictures, including Sinister. Blumhouse founder Jason Blum said he was “excited” to work on these properties and bring them to new audiences. He also said that he was open to collaborating with the original creators of these franchises, such as Derrickson and Cargill, if they were interested. So far, there has been no official announcement or confirmation about Sinister 3 from Blumhouse or anyone else involved in the previous films. However, given Blumhouse’s track record of reviving and rebooting horror franchises such as Halloween, The Purge, Paranormal Activity, and The Invisible Man, it is possible that Sinister 3 could be on their radar.

Where to Watch Sinister?

If you are a fan of Sinister or curious about this scary film, you might wonder where to watch it online. The good news is that several options are available for streaming or renting Sinister on various platforms. Here are some of them:

  • Amazon Prime Video: You can stream Sinister for free with an Amazon Prime membership. You can also rent or buy it in HD or SD quality.
  • Hulu: You can stream Sinister for free with a Hulu subscription. You can also rent or buy it in HD or SD quality.
  • Max (formerly HBO Max): You can stream Sinister for free with an HBO Max subscription. You can also rent or buy it in HD or SD quality.
  • Vudu: You can rent or buy Sinister in HDX or SD quality on Vudu.
  • iTunes: You can rent or buy Sinister in HD or SD quality on iTunes.

5 Best Horror Movies Like Sinister

  • The Conjuring: A paranormal investigator couple helps a family haunted by a demonic presence in their farmhouse.
  • Insidious: A father tries to save his son from a mysterious realm called the Further, where evil spirits lurk.
  • The Ring: A journalist investigates a cursed videotape that kills anyone who watches it within seven days.
  • The Babadook: A widowed mother and her son are terrorized by a sinister creature from a children’s book.
  • The Exorcist: A young girl is possessed by an evil entity, and her mother seeks the help of two priests to perform an exorcism.

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