She Season 3: Renewed or Cancelled?

She’ follows the story of police constable Bhumika Pardeshi (Bhumi), who begins to come into her own after being assigned an undercover mission. Will She season 3 exist? let’s check it out!

As Bhumi gets closer to her target, the elusive Nayak, Bhumi learns of her own power and begins to take charge of it. Much of season 2 explores Bhumi’s struggle with her identity, trying to pick a side in the long-running battle between the authorities and Nayak.

Created by Imtiaz Ali, who has also penned the show along with Divya Johry, ‘She’ premiered on Netflix in March 2020. Critics have lauded the show for its cinematography and a few cast performances that make the gritty story all the more intriguing. With season 2 closing by giving us a glimpse of Bhumi in an entirely new persona, we can’t wait to see where the story goes next. Here’s what we know about ‘She’ season 3.

She Season 3 Potential Release Date

She Season 3
She © Netflix

‘She’ season 2 premiered on June 18, 2022, on Netflix. All 7 episodes, each approximately 45 minutes long, dropped simultaneously on the streaming platform.

As far as season 3 is concerned, there have been no official announcements as to whether it will be greenlit to go into production. Though there are many ways that the story can still go, the less than stellar reviews received by the series could spell its cancellation after two seasons. The follow-up season was called out for its disjointed writing, and a few critics have taken issue with potentially inaccurately depicted themes of female empowerment in Imtiaz Ali’s show.

Season 1 received middling reviews but what might perhaps be the last nail in the coffin is that reviews for the follow-up season were even more scathing. Interestingly, the showrunner seemingly foresaw some of the pushback and explained in an interview how season 2 of a show would always be more susceptible to criticism.

Another factor that seems to point towards the show not continuing into a third season is the narrative, which finds Bhumi completely transformed by the end of season 2. The show essentially hinges on its central character’s duality as she struggles to choose her loyalties. Bhumi is constantly torn between her duty as a police officer and her inner calling for freedom and power, which pushes her towards Nayak. At the close of season 2, it is clear that Bhumi has made a choice, and she no longer works for the police, choosing to run her own drug empire in Mumbai.

Of course, multiple narrative threads, many of which are opened in season 2, remain unexplored. Most notably, the fate of Bhumi’s sister Rupa, who is last seen in hospital, or how Bhumi actually builds her criminal empire after Nayak’s death. The latter could prove to be an especially interesting aspect to explore, and there still seem to be some mysteries pertaining to Bhumi’s journey. However, compared to the transformation already seen in Bhumi over the first two seasons, it is unlikely that a narrative as dramatic could be coaxed out for a potential season 3.

Ultimately, a mix of flagging reviews and the juiciest parts of the narrative already being told in the first two seasons means that the show is likely over. Unlike season 1, which ends on a cliffhanger, season 2 closes with an air of finality. Imtiaz Ali has fittingly described season 1 as the introduction to the plot, while the second installment is the actual story. With the end of season 2, it appears that the story, too, is over, and it is highly unlikely that ‘She’ season 3 will be made.

She Season 3: Poor Reviews Could Sink She Before Season 3

She Season 3
She © Netflix

As previously noted, ‘She’ has not yet been publicly renewed for season 3 by either Netflix India or the showrunners.

Sadly, the critics reviews of She’s second season could significantly impact the chances of season 3 being greenlit by Netflix. The streaming giant had already slashed its prices in India earlier this year as it attempts to keep pace with the likes of Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus Hotstar.

Couple this with the laying off of around 150 Netflix employees in the US and it’s obvious that Netflix is trying to get as much bang for their buck (or ‘results for their Rupees’) as possible, i.e., shows need to earn the demand needed for renewals.

Unfortunately, it appears that the fate of She is now hanging in the balance because of poor reviews from critics, with the vast majority of early breakdowns being highly critical of the new season.

FirstPost admits that “SHE is stunningly effective in places, especially when it wants to dive into the world of prostitution and the characters that populate its uncertain world.” However, praise certainly wears thin with later comments on how this is an “ultimately tiring second season”, even arguing that the explicitness is probably the only reason why the show has an audience.

The Times of India gave ‘She’ season 2 just a 3/5, stating how the story starts to unwind after episode 3. Whilst props are again given to the fantastic cast, poor writing and inconsistencies are the final nails in She’s coffin, with the tag line “’She’ is complicated and its essence is often hard to comprehend. It didn’t have to be that way though.”

Filmibeat also gave the series’ second season a 3/5 score, yet again with praise for the actors and their performances despite poor writing. Interestingly, they note how it would be possible to go straight into season 2 without watching the first season (which is never a good sign). They rightly conclude how Aaditi Pohankar’s talent as an actress deserved a more challenging plot.

Gadgets360 arguably give the most scathing review of She season 2, starting off their breakdown by stating that this “might be one of the worst things Imtiaz Ali has ever put on paper.” Elaborating further, the review claims “She season 2 utterly unengaging from the start… Soon after, it’s both rudderless and directionless. It meanders in places, lies to the audience elsewhere, and forgets the main narrative now and then. Its biggest crime, on a minute-to-minute basis, is that there’s no progression.”

“Just then who exactly is She season 2 for? (Did Netflix really see a creative reason for it to exist? Because I’ve even more questions then.) Because it increasingly feels like no one needs to be in the Imtiaz Ali business.” – Akhil Arora, via Gadgets360.

An important point is also made here; how 28 original Indian series have premiered on Netflix since 2018, but there was little reason why She should have received a second season over any others. Adding “It’s not like it broke any viewing records, otherwise Netflix would’ve been tooting its own horn. And I’ve never met a fan of She, let alone legions who were clamouring for a second season.”

“If anything, She manages to prove one thing: there is nothing more off-putting than watching male filmmakers make bank while pontificating about their on-the-nose, surface-level, and frankly inaccurate ideas of female empowerment.” – Poulomi Das, via News Nine.