“Saw 11”: Director wanted to stage a farewell to Jigsaw – will it go on anyway?

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Saw X” has been released in cinemas and should satisfy fans completely, as it harks back to the old days of the franchise. However, there probably won’t be another part.

After the ninth part, which took a completely different path, failed to score with fans, the horror series has returned to its origins and presented a tenth part, which should be very popular with fans. If you enjoyed the movie, you’re probably wondering whether an eleventh part is in the pipeline. Director Kevin Greutert has already commented on this.

Is “Saw 11” coming? This is what Kevin Greutert says

The director of the tenth installment spoke to the Hollywood Reporter and it is clear that “Saw X” heralded the end of Jigsaw for him:

“We have to see what the future of ‘Saw’ is. There are so many directions we could go in, but for me there’s no obvious one from the movie. I really wanted it to feel like a kind of final farewell to Jigsaw, but never say never.”

So that’s the state of play, but as we all know, the dead live longer. We would assume that the last word has not yet been spoken if the box office takings are anything to go by. Are the fans once again on fire for the new torture traps? Or has the franchise run its course? That will become clear in the next few weeks and perhaps there will then be positive news about another sequel? It wouldn’t be the first time in the history of the franchise that the current film is considered to be the last and yet another part follows. Let us be surprised.

It’s possible that this movie really is the end of the Jigsaw Killer as we know him, but apart from that, there are still many ways in which the story could be continued. For example, it would be very exciting to see how the child, who is severely traumatized in the film, develops and what tendencies he might develop as an adult as a result of the terrifying events in his childhood.

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