Sabikui Bisco Season 2 Announced with First Visual

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On the official Twitter account of the anime adaptation of “SABIKUI BISCO” it was announced that it will get a second season. You can check out a first visual below.

Sabikui Bisco Season 2: Details still to come

Concrete details about the sequel (Sabikui Bisco Season 2), such as who is involved in the production and an exact date for the broadcast in Japan, are not yet known at this time. As usual, we will keep you informed as soon as we have new information.

The first season of “SABIKUI BISCO” ran from January to March 2022 on Japanese television and was directed by Atsushi Ikariya (“Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works”), who also contributed the character design, at Studio OZ, while Sadayuki Murai wrote the script.

The twelve-part first season was simulcast here in the original audio with English subtitles on the streaming service Crunchyroll. The series adapts the original light novel of the same name by Shinji Cobkubo, which has been published in Japan with illustrations by Akagishi K since March 2018.


Sabikui Bisco Season 2 Anime Visual
Studio OZ


Japan’s post-apocalyptic wasteland full of dust can only be saved by one thing – mushrooms. Bisco Akaboshi, a wanted criminal and expert archer, searches for a legendary mushroom called Sabikui that can supposedly devour any rust.

He is joined by a giant crab and a young doctor on this epic journey to save the land. Can this unlikely trio find the fabled mushroom and save the land?

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