Revenant Episode 3 on Disney+: All you need to know

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Revenant (악귀) is a Korean supernatural mystery thriller that revolves around the haunting tale of a student named Ku San-young, who becomes possessed by a malevolent demon. The story unfolds as San-young crosses paths with Yeom Hae-sang, a teacher gifted with the ability to perceive demons since his childhood.

Recognizing the demon within San-young as the same entity responsible for his mother’s death and spreading chaos, Hae-sang embarks on a quest for vengeance. Meanwhile, investigator Lee Hong-sae finds himself entangled in the complex web woven by these two individuals.” Directed by Lee Jung-rim and Kim Jae-hong, this captivating drama features a talented cast including Kim Tae-ri, Oh Jung-se, Hong Kyung, Yang Hye-ji, Kim Shin-bi, and Jin Seon-kyu, along with other notable actors.

Revenant Episode 3 On Disney+: All You Need To Know
Revenant/ Mmm Management

Revenant Episode 2 Recap: What happened in the last episode?

In the second episode of Revenant, Hae-sang manages to gain access to the late Hyunwoo’s home, but he is interrupted by the arrival of Hyunwoo’s parents. As they become suspicious upon hearing a child’s cry, they confront Hae-sang and demand that he leave. Meanwhile, San-young, after witnessing the ghost of Hyunwoo, hastily leaves the house along with a teenager.

San-young in Revenant interrogates the teenager, seeking information about Hyunwoo and his mysterious death. Through a strange flashback, it is revealed that Hyunwoo had requested updates about his house before tragically jumping off a cliff. Additionally, he frequently mentioned a nonexistent sibling. San-young begins seeing Hyunwoo’s spirit, which leads her to his house, prompting her to rush there.

Simultaneously In Revenant, Hae-sang discovers a disturbing room with a window pane and finds a trapped child inside. However, before he can report it to the police, Hyunwoo’s father knocks him down. Hae-sang ends up locked in the same room as the child and overhears the parents expressing concern about Hyunwoo’s missing phone.

Using pieces of glass found in the room, Hae-sang frees the child and breaks the window pane to allow their escape. Upon hearing the commotion, Hyunwoo’s father attempts to break down the door while Hae-sang bravely shields it. Eventually, San-young arrives and pulls the child to safety just as the police arrive, resulting in the parents’ arrest. Hyunwoo’s spirit then vanishes into thin air.

Despite these events, In Revenant San-young remains skeptical about the existence of evil spirits. The following day, she attends a wedding with her friend, where she encounters the police detective who had previously questioned her. A flashback reveals that while San-young paid little attention to him, he has been keeping a close eye on her. In subsequent scenes, San-young finds herself scratching a doll’s face with a knife but quickly snaps out of it, discards the doll, and rushes to the subway. There, she confronts the evil spirit in the mirror. Her instincts guide her back to her paternal grandmother’s home, coincidentally where Hae-sang also visits to retrieve a cursed object.

Unfortunately, San-young arrives too late, as the evil spirit impersonates her and kills her grandmother. Despite their efforts, both San-young and Hae-sang are overpowered by the evil spirit, who also burns an important book. The detectives investigating the case begin to notice a connection between the suicide cases and the burnt wrist marks found on the victims.

San-young visits Hae-sang’s apartment and reveals a page from the book she saw before it burned. Using her memory, she draws a map, and together they realize it represents the place where the spirit originated.

Following a night of relentless searching, Hae-sang and San-young eventually discover a location resembling the one depicted on the Korean map. The narrative then delves into another flashback, this time set in 1958, revealing a disturbing incident involving young girls. These girls are taken to a secluded place where a regally dressed woman holds the same cursed object in her hand.

Within a private room, the woman presents a plate filled with raw meat to a desperate girl, who is covered in a blanket. Starving and eager to reach the food, the girl’s attempt is abruptly interrupted as the woman mercilessly stabs her, revealing a sinister smile. The victim’s blood splatters onto the cursed object, intensifying the grim nature of the scene.

Hyunwoo’s narrative in Revenant is profoundly moving, serving as a poignant reminder of the harrowing reality of parental abuse. While exploring this important life lesson, the directors skillfully maintain a swift pace, ensuring that viewers are not kept waiting for long. The story holds a significant amount of suspense, leaving many mysteries yet to be unraveled. However, it is worth noting that the series leans heavily towards emotional scenes, occasionally overshadowing the horror aspect.

As an avid horror fan, we have yet to encounter any heart-stopping jump scares in the series. we remain hopeful that in the upcoming episodes, we will experience the spine-chilling moments and goosebumps that we crave as a fan of the genre.

Revenant Episode 3 On Disney+: All You Need To Know
Revenant/ Mmm Management

Revenant Episode 3: What will happen in the next episode?

Episode 2 of Revenant introduced a brief flashback depicting the origin of the evil spirit. It is anticipated that in the upcoming episode, the full backstory will be revealed as Hae-sang and San-young visit the relevant location, unearthing further truths along the way. Meanwhile, detective Hong-sae might receive a breakthrough in his investigation of the mysterious suicide cases characterized by burnt wrist marks found on each victim.In addition to these developments, it is likely that the series will delve into the life stories of other spirits or witness further deaths. As the evil spirit’s goal is to bring turmoil into San-young’s life, the increasing number of deaths, potentially including her name, will undoubtedly raise concerns among the authorities.

Revenant Episode 3 On Disney+: All You Need To Know
Revenant/Mmm Management

When and where to watch Revenant?

The series will stream from June 23, 2023, to July 29, 2023. Episode 3 of the series will stream on June 30 at 10:00 PM KST on Disney Plus.

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