Resident Evil Ending, Explained: Is Bea the Key to the Cure?

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In the world where the Netflix zombie drama “Resident Evil” is set, the T-virus has turned billions of humans into the walking dead. In the first season, viewers are introduced to The Umbrella Corporation and other significant figures.

It shows us both the past and the future, demonstrating both the acts and their results, and is divided into two timeframes. It offers a gripping film that keeps you on the edge of your seat as a series of mysteries are solved amid a great deal of violence. The final episode makes several revelations while gearing up for the second season. Here, we analyze “Resident Evil’s” Season 1 finale and think about what it means for the characters and the future of the program.

Spoilers ahead!

Resident Evil Season 1 Recap

In order to determine whether the T-virus is evolving and whether a cure is feasible, Jade Wesker is investigating zombies in the year 2036. Her experiment is over when a calculation error leads the test zombies to attack her. Although scavengers help her, they are ready to report her to the Umbrella Corporation. As Jade tries to escape them and get back to her daughter, the evil organization makes every effort to catch her.

In 2022, a young Jade and her parents, Billie and Albert Wesker, visit New Raccoon City. She doesn’t like Albert’s decision to uproot their previous existences and move them to a place where something appears fundamentally wrong. Billie, though, sees it as a fresh start.

While Albert performs his undercover study there, Umbrella is creating a new drug called Joy that is intended to cure mental illnesses. Albert is reluctant to launch the $1 billion drug quickly, despite Evelyn Marcus, CEO of Umbrella, being ready to do so. Because Joy still contains T-virus contamination, he doesn’t want anyone to use it until it has received certification that it is completely safe. Albert is still completely unaware of Evelyn’s side endeavors as she makes her own arrangements.

Jade and Billie unintentionally had a glimpse of Umbrella’s true nature, which set in motion the events that would lead to the spread of the T-virus and the end of the world. Jade continues to learn new things about zombie behavior in 2036 while while attempting to eradicate the disease.

Resident Evil Season 1 Ending

Resident Evil Ending, Explained: Is Bea The Key To The Cure?
Resident Evil © Netflix

Jade assumed Evelyn was still in power, therefore she had been avoiding the Umbrella Corporation. It appears that Billie has taken over and is able to maintain control over Evelyn. Billie discovered during her investigations that it was feasible to affect someone’s brain activity by implanting electrodes in their cranium. She kept Evelyn under tight medical supervision, which allowed her to operate the company secretly without anybody thinking she was the real CEO. It appears that Evelyn still has some mental capacity, and she periodically has brief flashes of lucidity.

Additionally, Jade finds out that Billie’s blood has been tainted by the T-virus exposure, and that Jade’s blood is the only thing that can prevent Billie from succumbing to it. For this reason, Umbrella had been hunting for Jade. They are not aware that Jade has also found a way to keep zombies at bay. Jade discovers how to stop zombies from attacking by putting the enzyme—which was extracted from the zombie Calais queen—on one’s body. She uses the same method, which has the potential to draw zombies, to plot her getaway from Billie’s grasp.

When she eventually makes it back to the ship, she discovers that Bea has fled, as she had earlier told her to do. The zombie crocodile that Arjun and Jade had set free to kill Billie and her thugs attacks them instead when they travel back to the country to retrieve their daughter.

From a wounded Arjun at the coast, Jade heads forth in quest of Bea. When Billie arrives, she speaks with Jade for a short while before shooting her and departing with Bea. The mother can’t see her daughter again as a result. Jade may be killed by Billie, but she opts not to. Jade sees her kid left bleeding and abandoned as she is taken away on a helicopter.

In the year 2022, Albert and Bert help young Billie and Jade elude Evelyn’s grasp. While Billie is still having her hallucination, she bites Simon and fights him. Even though she knows there is no cure and he would soon turn into a zombie, Evelyn shoots her child as Albert swears to help him.

As Evelyn spirals out of control after the loss of her son, Albert decides to make a sacrifice so that Bert can save Jade and Billie. He also gives the girls Ada Wong’s address because she is the only one who can help them at this time. The distance between Ada’s location in Japan and New Raccoon City, South Africa, presents a problem.

Is Bea the Key to the Cure?

Resident Evil Ending, Explained: Is Bea The Key To The Cure?
Resident Evil © Netflix

The closing episode of the first season sets up the conflict that will mar Season 2. The season’s biggest surprise is that Bea, Jade’s daughter, possesses special T-Virus skills. The enormous crocodile, which typically consumes and destroys everything in its way, oddly treats Bea like a pet. Because it seems so tranquil, the small girl wants to pet it. From the helicopter she was trying to escape in, Billie sees this. After dropping a few bombs on the crocodile, she chases Bea and separates her from Jade. It is still unclear why the crocodile refrained from attacking the girl.

Jade discovered her blood was special when she discovered the truth about her father. In order to keep himself from dying, Albert Wesker, who was actually a clone, changed the DNA of Billie and Jade to give them the ability to fight the virus. Jade gave birth to Bea about four years later, thus it makes sense that Bea would have a significant amount of Jade’s DNA. How precisely that works, though, is still a mystery. Bea’s gift is complex because the zombie Jade brought aboard the ship to utilize in an experiment attacked Bea after being set free, despite the fact that the animal didn’t assault her.

Bea may not have the same impact on undead as she does on humans. She wasn’t bitten by the zombie, so we can’t tell if her blood has the T-virus cure or if she has a stronger form of her mother’s virus-fighting abilities. In any event, Bea’s predicament presents a puzzling case that will undoubtedly be investigated in the upcoming season.

What Happened in New Raccoon City?

Resident Evil Ending, Explained: Is Bea The Key To The Cure?
Resident Evil © Netflix

The first episode of the show tells the audience that the first T-virus outbreak happened in New Raccoon City. We initially meet children Billie and Jade three months before the catastrophe that would bring about the end of the world takes place. The final moment of the season is when we find out what brought about the end of the world.

The Umbrella Corporation had been developing a chemical with a reputation for provoking aggressive behavior, and this was no secret. The dog that bites Billie in the first episode is the outcome of experiments that was primarily conducted on animals. The company also tried to alter the behavior of those who had the T-virus. During their board meeting, Evelyn brought up the fact that their team anticipates the same thing from human trials. This suggests that they haven’t officially begun conducting human experiments, but it doesn’t necessarily imply that they haven’t been doing so discreetly.

Their questionable character is later made clear when Bert is given the opportunity to embark on a new project by Evelyn. After that, she reveals a prisoner zombie who seems to be worse than the ones Jade had to deal with. Not your usual zombie, this one. Instead, it seems to have been the topic of earlier research. It might have avoided the initial Raccoon City calamity thanks to the Umbrella Corporation.

Although the program doesn’t go into much detail about this creature, it becomes clear that it was involved in lighting the world on fire. After Albert destroys the corporate headquarters while attempting to help his daughters and Bert flee, the zombie is let out. Its hand protrudes from the rubble, demonstrating that it started infecting others and that as a result, everyone soon turned into a zombie. The situation must have quickly become worse from there because the survivors were forced to evacuate as billions of people started to shift.