Rent-A-Girlfriend Fans Snap Patience with Kazuya

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The third season of “Rent-A-Girlfriend” has started, but fans of the manga in particular, are beginning to lose patience with the stagnant plot.

Rent-A-Girlfriend: Nothing is Happening

Quite a few anime and manga fans grimace when they hear the name, Kazuya Kinoshita. That’s because, for many, the “Rent-A-Girlfriend” protagonist is by far the most “pathetic” and “annoying” RomCom character currently available due to his character traits.

Basically, such a premise is not bad because it gives a lot of room for proper character development. It’s just that there’s been somewhat less of that so far, even though the anime recently started its third season. And readers of the manga, unfortunately, also have no words of encouragement.

Because there, you slowly approach the 300th chapter and progress in the relationships around Kazuya. However, you look in vain here too. In a recent chapter, Kazuya even asked a chatbot how he could “best get together with the girl he likes.” A scene that says a lot about his lack of plan and could also appear in a single-digit chapter.

Regrettably, then, little seems to be progressing in the story in the near future either, as the second “Rent-A-Girlfriend” season ended around chapter 100 – still a long way to go.

Many fans also suspect that author Reiji Miyajima simply doesn’t want to allow love because of his obsession with Chizuru. This same author also recently mentioned in an interview, which you can find below these lines in the form of a video with English subtitles, that Kazuya would be a reflection of his personality and he would express himself through him.

“Rent-A-Girlfriend” currently consists of two seasons with a total of 24 episodes, which aired on Japanese television between July and September 2020 and between July and September 2022. Crunchyroll offers all episodes on demand and is simulcasting the third season.


Rent-A-Girlfriend: Storyline

Kazuya Kinoshita is a 20-year-old loser. He managed to kiss his girlfriend once and then got dumped. Out of pure spite, Kazuya uses a certain method to meet a girl. He goes to their meeting place and suddenly hears, “You’re Kazuya-kun, right?”

A pretty girl with her long black hair tucked behind her ear stood there smiling at him. Her name was Chizuru Mizuhara.

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