Rake Season 6: Cancelled or Renewed?

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The comic television program Rake was created by Charles Waterstreet, Peter Duncan, and Richard Roxburgh. Will Rake season 6 exist? Let’s find out!

Richard Roxburgh, Matt Day, Kate Box, and Caroline Brazier are the actors who appear in the TV program. The premiere of Rake on ABC was on July 13, 2011. There have been five seasons to far. Based on 5,454 user votes, the series presently has an IMDb user rating of 8.6 out of 10.

Here’s everything we know about Rake season 6.

Rake Plot Summary

Rake Season 6: Cancelled or Renewed?
Rake © ABC

Criminal defense attorney Cleaver Greene represents those who cannot be defended, including bigamists, cannibals, and everyone in between. In the courtroom and the bedroom, he stands up for the underdog.

Produced in Australia by Essential Media and Entertainment, the television show Rake premiered in 2010 on ABC1 of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It features Richard Roxburgh as Sydney barrister Cleaver Greene, a talented yet dangerous individual. The program is shown in the US on DirecTV’s Audience Network.

Season two premiered on September 6, 2012. The program has been given a third season by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as well. Greene represents a different client in every episode. The American Fox Network (The Orville Season 4) has ordered a version of Rake with Greg Kinnear as the title character, dubbed Keegan Deane for American viewers.

Cast of Rake Season 6

Rake Season 6: Cancelled or Renewed?
Rake © ABC

Due to the absence of big personalities like James Spader from Boston Legal, Rake had a difficult launch in the ratings. But Richard Roxburgh, the main character in Cleaver Greene, is a well-known actor on Australian and Hollywood theaters, appearing in mainstream action movies like Mission Impossible 2. Despite having commercial film credits, Roxburgh is better recognized for his theatrical performances and his comedic genius, which is unparalleled in the Australian performing community. Along with Danielle Cormack from New Zealand, Russell Dykstra, Matt Day, and others star.

Plot of Rake Season 6

Rake Season 6: Cancelled or Renewed?
Rake © ABC

The main focus of Rake is on the characters, including the attention on Greene himself, throughout the entire series, even if much of it follows an episodic pattern with one court case in each episode. Rake is all the more intriguing because Greene is a misanthropic genius figure who is also self-destructive, similar to Sherlock Holmes and Hugh Laurie’s House M.D.

Rake season 6 release date: Was it really cancelled?

The major performer Richard Roxburgh (who was acting as a spokesperson for the production company when he made such and such comments) was at the center of the controversy surrounding the show’s cancellation. Simply said, Rake and its team have made it seem as though this could be their final campaign.

Roxburgh said in an on-set interview that the show should be kept brief and sharp, be canceled before losing its edge, and only do three episodes before the plot was ended as early as the second season, as quoted by the media. We definitely concur,” Roxburgh said. You shouldn’t flog a dead thing, she said.

Given the show’s enormous popularity before even its first season, it’s unsurprising that many fans bemoaned an extension rather than the season three finale. Given that there had only been one interview, it wasn’t obvious whether Roxburgh’s assertions had been made in stone.

However, Roxburgh claimed in a different interview published in various media just before the start of season 3 that they still intended to terminate when they hit their artistic and viewership zenith. But there were strong indications of a sequel at the end of season 3. After that, a second season was declared.

However, ABC insiders said that this would be their last plunge when the fifth season was announced. Some people could view it as a marketing gimmick given the history. The plot developed and was resolved within the same season, ensuring that Rake ended on a high note.

Rake has been officially canceled by ABC. Rake’s fifth season will be its last. The following season is not currently in the plans of ABC, although nothing is ever certain. Season six has not yet been announced or planned as of September 2022.

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