Was Queens Of Mystery Season 3 Cancelled?

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Queens of Mystery is a British comedy-drama series that follows the adventures of three crime-writing sisters who help their niece, a detective sergeant, solve murder cases in the fictional town of Wildemarsh. The show debuted on Acorn TV in 2019 and has been praised for its quirky humor, charming characters and intriguing mysteries.

Is Queens Of Mystery Season 3 Happening?

Is Queens Of Mystery Season 3 Happening?

The first two seasons of Queens of Mystery consisted of six feature-length episodes, each divided into two parts. The show was created by Julian Unthank, who also wrote four of the episodes. Ian Emes and Matthew Thomas wrote the other two episodes. The show features narration by Juliet Stevenson, who adds a witty and whimsical commentary to the story.

The show stars Olivia Vinall as Matilda Stone, the young detective who returns to her hometown after a failed relationship. She is joined by her three aunts, Cat (Julie Graham), Beth (Sarah Woodward) and Jane (Siobhan Redmond), who are all successful mystery writers with different styles and personalities. They often interfere in Matilda’s investigations, using their knowledge of crime fiction to help or hinder her.

The show also features a recurring cast of characters, such as Inspector Derek Thorne (Andrew Leung), Matilda’s boss and potential love interest; Daniel Ingrams (Michael Elcock), a local journalist who has a crush on Matilda; and Frank Winters (Martin Trenaman), the owner of the bookstore where the sisters often hang out.

At the moment, Queens of Mystery season 3 is not confirmed. However, season 2 of the show was not announced until nearly two years after the season 1 finale, so the show’s creators may simply be taking their time in announcing season 3.

Queens Of Mystery Season 3: Where to Watch?

Season 3 has not yet been confirmed; its release date is also unknown. However, viewers can stream earlier seasons on Amazon Prime Video to enjoy their enthralling allure and secrets. Join Detective Sergeant Matilda Stone and her sharp crime-writing aunts, Cat, Beth, and Jane, as they solve perplexing crimes in the picturesque village of Wildemarsh. Stay tuned for Season 3 developments and enjoy Season 1 and Season 2 adventures on Amazon Prime Video.

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