Queen Charlotte becomes the most loved series of the week on Netflix

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With a watching time rank that was nearly identical to its first week, Netflix’s Bridgerton prequel Queen Charlotte held the top spot in Nielsen’s streaming rankings for a second consecutive week. The parent series returned to the top 10 as well.

The week of May 8–14 saw 1.88 billion minutes of viewing of Queen Charlotte, which is about the same as the 1.89 billion minutes from the previous week.  Bridgerton rose to ninth position among original programs as more viewers of Netflix returned to watch the prequel.

Queen Charlotte
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According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Mother, a Netflix film starring Jennifer Lopez, also had a successful debut, placing second overall in the rankings with 1.43 billion watch minutes, or about 12.5 million complete viewings of the 115-minute movie. Tom Hanks’ A Man Called Otto (1.22 billion minutes) also passed the billion-minute threshold, increasing from 879 million the previous week.

What’s Queen Charlotte all about? 

Fans are whisked away into a fantastical rendition of Regency England by Bridgerton. In the show, multiracial relationships are celebrated, and the queen (Golda Rosheuvel) is a Black woman. However, we are informed that the aristocracy wasn’t always that generous.

The origin tale of the “beautiful mixture of humanity” on show in the Bridgerton universe is revealed in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Tale, according to executive producer Betsy Beers. The Great Experiment, which begins when young Queen Charlotte (India Amarteifio) travels to England to wed young King George (Corey Mylchreest), is at the centre of this story. The method revolutionizes the lives of Black socialites like young Agatha Danbury (Arsema Thomas). 

The Charlotte cast, creator Shonda Rhimes, and the other executive producers are available to respond to any inquiries you may have regarding the experiment that forever altered the ton.  

Queen Charlotte is about how difficult change can be, according to Beers. “What [the character] she deals with, and much of what the show deals with, is that growth and change don’t come without pain and suffering.” 

When you stream Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, you may see the world of Bridgerton develop before your very eyes. 

Latest Trailer of Queen Charlotte

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