Producer of Solo Leveling wants to surpass SAO

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During Anime Expo 2023, producer Atsushi Kaneko expressed his ambitions and ambition regarding “Solo Leveling.” We summarize the interview.

Exceeding high expectations

The hype around “Solo Leveling” has already been enormous for months – and this despite the fact that the anime will only premiere in just over half a year. Such an expectant title should not be missing at the Anime Expo 2023, which is why an interview with the responsible producer Atsushi Kaneko was published in addition to a new trailer.

In this interview, Kaneko clarified his ambitions to make “Solo Leveling” one of the most successful anime franchises when it begins airing in the winter season of 2024, and to even surpass the genre-related “Sword Art Online” in the process.

He chose this comparison deliberately, because for him “Sword Art Online” would be one of the most popular and equally consistent titles of the last decade. He would like to achieve at least the same success with “Solo Leveling”, whereby the self-imposed pressure would not intimidate him. On the contrary, it would help him exceed fans’ expectations.

Later in the interview, Kaneko gave a little insight into what direction the adaptation would take. The anime would, of course, focus predominantly on the protagonist Sung Jin-Woo, but would also shed light on the supporting characters in detail. In any case, the perspective of the hunters would be portrayed as naturally as possible while staying true to the original work.

The web novella “Solo Leveling” was penned by Chugong and has been published on the “KakaoPage” website since July 2016.

Full-length interview:


In a world where awakened beings called “hunters” must fight deadly monsters to protect humanity, Sung Jin-Woo, nicknamed “humanity’s weakest hunter,” finds himself in a constant struggle for survival.

One day, after an encounter in a dungeon wipes out his group and threatens to end his life, a mysterious system selects him as the only player: Jin-Woo gets the rare opportunity to improve his skills beyond all known limits.

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