Nineteen To Twenty: Why is modern dating an obstruction to real romance?

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In the newest K-reality series on Netflix, Nineteen to Twenty, a group of Gen Z people spend their final week as 19-year-olds together before turning 20. The participants are educated practically on numerous facets of adult life at a specialized facility called 19 School. 

They relocate into the 20 House, a place devoid of guidelines and limitations, on New Year’s Day. They embrace their independence and explore their actual selves in this unfamiliar setting, making unanticipated relationships and going on innumerable unforgettable adventures. The show will also focus on some real-life dating aspects and how difficult it becomes for teenagers to cope up with modern dating and adulting. The show Nineteen to Twenty will include Kim Ji Eun, Cho Kyu Hyun, Jung Se Woon, and Lee Su Hyun as its major hosts.

Nineteen to twenty
Credit: Netflix

Nineteen To Twenty: How is modern dating an obstruction to real romance?

Why are relationships so problematic in today’s society? It’s wonderful that we may be more liberated than ever, capable of loving courageously and ending relationships when necessary. But the old-world charm is what we lack. Do you concur? The essence of love hadn’t been smothered by technology back then. They didn’t need to communicate via phone several times a day. Their lives were not dominated by their relationships. There was never an issue with personal space. Despite being referred to be “old school,” they were far freer in their relationships than we are.

Love was much more than just posting heartfelt captions for each other on Facebook displaying photos or exchanging kisses and hearts through Whatsapp. The effort put out by lovers to communicate their enduring love by writing letters to one another from faraway locations was worth everything in the world. Real romance had still been around throughout those times. The new series Nineteen To Twenty have it all; the show on Netflix will make some interesting turns and twists for all the characters in the series. 

Will there be season 2 of Nineteen To Twenty?

The latest web series being created by South Korea is titled Nineteen To Twenty. We’ll talk more about this name’s significance later. This program will be a Korean reality show rather than the customary K-drama. In this case, every participant is a young adult or a new adult. These players must abide by the game’s regulations in order to advance through each episode. 

There have already been inquiries about the second season of the series since the first season of the show will premiere on July 11, 2023. Will Nineteen to Twenty get a second season? You’ll find the solutions here. 

Nineteen to twenty
Credit: Netflix

The first season of Nineteen to Twenty has just about to be released, which is keeping the showrunners very busy. As of right moment, they won’t bring up any topics related to Season 2 of the program. Because of this, the series creators have not yet indicated whether a second season will be produced. However, given that the show is available on Netflix, news of a renewal or cancellation will be announced soon following the premiere of the first season. The response of the audience will be another aspect that we must consider. Nineteen to Twenty’s creators want to return with a second season if the audience responds well to the first.

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