Nineteen To Twenty On Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast – All you need to know!

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Netflix has heavily invested in producing a number of reality TV programs, including Too Hot to Handle, Dating Around, and Love is Blind. It has even taken this model internationally, producing Singapore’s Singapore Social and India’s IRL: in Real Love.

With the reality series Nineteen to Twenty, which follows youth on the verge of adulthood, South Korea is now getting its moment in the spotlight. In the drama Nineteen to Twenty, which was written and directed by Kim Jae-won, Park Su-ji, and Kim Jung-hyun, a group of young people acquire crucial life lessons while being warned against dating one another.

In a later episode of the show, when they move into a house together and are instructed to survive, they must put their talents to the test.

Nineteen To Twenty
Credit: Netflix

When is Niteen to Twenty season 1 releasing?

On July 11, Nineteen to Twenty will be released, allowing viewers to witness the antics the new adults get up to when thrust into an entirely different existence than what they are accustomed to.

What will be the plot of Nineteen To Twenty Season 1?

A brand-new reality program from South Korea called Nineteen to Twenty follows teenagers who are just one week away from finishing high school and becoming twenty. The program is divided into two phases, with the first taking place in a special school dubbed “19 School” where the pupils will study the fundamentals of adulthood. There is only one restriction: these Gen Zers cannot date one another (which implies that they will do so).

All of the cast members will move into the fictitious “20 House” when they turn twenty, away from their parents and the school, where they can put all of the skills they’ve learned in school to use, flaunt their colourful charm, be allowed to date, create some wholesome memories, and begin their journey into the perilous and complicated world of adulthood.

Who will be seen in the upcoming Netflix series Nineteen to Twenty?

Nineteen to Twenty has four primary cast members. Cho Kyu-Hyun, Kim Ji-Eun, Lee Su-Hyun, and Jeong Se-Woon will come after it. Kim Ji-Eun is best known for the 2021 television series The Veil, which helped her gain notoriety. Cho Kyu-Hyun, popularly known as Kyuhyun, is a singer in South Korea who has performed both with Super Junior and on his own.

Nineteen To Twenty
Credit: The Chosunilbo JNS /getty images

In addition to singing, Lee Su-Hyun is a member of the duet AKMU and rose to fame as an actor through music reality shows. Although he sings entirely by himself, Jeong Se-Woon is also a vocalist. He has worked on a number of productions since 2013, including Things Are Suspicious These Days in 2022.

How to watch the Nineteen To Twenty series?

The K drama fans can watch Nineteen To Twenty on Netflix from 11 July 2023. 


You can watch the official trailer of Nineteen to Twenty below.

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