Nineteen To twenty Episode 2 Review: Fans might witness a new love blossom in the show

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Discover the celebrity hosts and the premiere date for Netflix’s Korean reality series Nineteen To Twenty (19/20), which follows a group of youngsters as they adjust to adulthood and the freedom it provides. If you’re yearning for something gentler and more innocent because Netflix’s reality programs aren’t afraid to get a little hot at times (we’re looking at you, Too Hot To Handle), Nineteen to Twenty has got you covered.

A group of students will be followed as they spend their final week as teenagers before entering the freedom of adulthood in the upcoming Netflix series. Read on to find out about the celebrity host because a Korean reality program wouldn’t be complete without some well-known faces. Let’s see what the 2nd episode of the show Nineteen To Twenty brings to the table. In case you missed the details of the 1st episode of the show, you can read it here

Nineteen To Twenty
Credit: Netflix

The group begins to explore their new world with new hints of attraction 

Even though the school has a strict “no dating” policy, the students can’t help but look at each other and blush. As everyone continues to gel up with each other, they soon start sharing about their past relationships and love angles. Together they explore the school area and join their interest clubs. 

Meanwhile, Jung Yun was happy to join the table tennis club and even encouraged the other students to do so. In fact, we could also see a little bit of a spark between Sang Won and Choi Seo Hyeon while they were lost in each other on the stairs. Even the hosts, including Kim Ji Eun, were going gaga over the chemistry the two were sharing in the scene. We would definitely want to see them together in future!

Nineteen To twenty
Credit: Netflix

Who is Professor Lee Yun Jung in the Nineteen To Twenty series?

As the students discussed the election of vice president of the class, we could see a new professor coming their way. Professor Lee Yun Jung is seen as the licensed mental health counsellor in the show. The professor seems to be discussing emotions, love and all the stuff the teenagers deal with.

Everybody was enjoying the class after it was all about love and attraction. When the professor asked what type of partner they wanted, Jung Yun shared he wanted someone who had a beautiful smile where, as Ye-rin described her partner to be calm and peaceful. 

While we could see everybody enjoying their time at the athlete club, soon, Miss Lee Yun Jung announced the arrival of a new transfer student in the class. Well, it will be exciting for the new student to adjust between the 8 other classmates. We can’t wait to unfold the fun in the 3rd episode of Nineteen To Twenty. 

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