My Hero Academia Season 7 Release Date, News, Cast, Trailer and Plot

My Hero Academia Season 7 is reportedly in the works! Here's everything we know so far about My Hero Academia Season 7 release date, trailer, story, and news.

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Hello, fellow anime fans! If you are like me, you are probably eagerly waiting for the next season of My Hero Academia, one of the most popular and thrilling superhero anime of all time. Well, I have some good news for you: Season 7 has been officially confirmed! ????

That’s right, at the end of Season 6, which aired from October 2022 to March 2023, we saw a teaser that announced the continuation of the anime adaptation of Kōhei Horikoshi’s manga. Season 6 was a roller coaster ride of emotions, as we witnessed the epic battle between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front, led by the terrifying Shigaraki. We also saw Deku unlock more of his One For All quirks and face his destiny as the successor of All Might.

But what can we expect from Season 7? When will it air? Who will be in it? And will it be the final season of the series? Here, I will try to answer these questions and more, based on the manga and some reliable sources. So buckle up and get ready for some Plus Ultra action! ????

Boku no Hero Academia 7th Season in Production

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime series of recent years, based on the manga by Kohei Horikoshi. The story follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy who was born without a superpower in a world where 80% of the population has one. He dreams of becoming a hero like his idol All Might, who gives him his own power and enrolls him in a prestigious hero academy.

The anime has been praised for its action-packed scenes, colorful characters, and emotional themes. It has also spawned several movies, video games, and spin-offs. The sixth season of My Hero Academia is completed airing in Japan and on Crunchyroll, adapting the Paranormal Liberation War arc from the manga.

My Hero Academia Season 7 - Announcement
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The first season of My Hero Academia aired from April to June 2016 and covered 21 chapters from the manga. The second season aired from April to September 2017 and covered 49 chapters. The third season aired from April to September 2018 and covered 54 chapters. The fourth season aired from October 2019 to April 2020 and covered 65 chapters. The fifth season aired from March to September 2021 and covered 68 chapters.

The sixth season premiered on October 1, 2022, and ended in March 2023. It has covered 25 chapters so far and will likely cover around 50 chapters by the end of its run. This means that it will adapt up to chapter 306 or 307 from the manga.

The manga is currently at chapter 337 as of December 2022 and is still ongoing. Horikoshi has hinted that he plans to end the series soon, but he has not given a specific number of chapters or a timeline. Some fans speculate that he might end it around chapter 400 or 500.

My Hero Academia Season 7 Release Date

Assuming that Horikoshi ends it by December 2023 at the latest, and that it takes around six months (or two cours) to produce a season of anime, we can estimate that My Hero Academia season 7 will come out in April 2024, during the Spring 2024 anime season.

Of course, this is just a rough prediction and it could change depending on various factors such as production delays, scheduling conflicts, or unexpected events. We will have to wait for an official confirmation from Studio Bones or Horikoshi himself.

My Hero Academia Season 7 Trailer

The My Hero Academia Season 7 Trailer is unavailable since it’s in production. But you can watch the announcement video for now.

My Hero Academia Season 7 Story

So what will be the story of Season 7? Well, without spoiling too much for anime-only fans, let me just say that it will be a wild ride full of surprises, twists, and revelations. We will see Deku go on a solo mission to stop Shigaraki and All For One once and for all, while also learning more about his predecessors and their quirks. We will also see how the rest of Class 1-A cope with the aftermath of the war and their roles as future heroes. And we will witness some epic showdowns between old and new enemies, allies, and rivals.

My Hero Academia Season 7 Cast

As for the cast, we can expect most of the main voice actors to reprise their roles in both Japanese and English versions. However, there may be some changes due to various reasons. For example, Nobuhiko Okamoto, who voices Bakugo in Japanese, had to take a hiatus in 2020 due to throat surgery, so he may need some rest or replacement if his condition worsens. Also, some new characters may join the cast as well, such as Star and Stripe, a powerful American hero who plays a crucial role in the final arc.

I don’t know about you, but I am super hyped for Season 7 of My Hero Academia. I think it will be an amazing conclusion to this incredible saga that has captivated millions of fans around the world. I can’t wait to see how Horikoshi ends his masterpiece and how Studio Bones adapts it into animation. I hope you are excited too and that you will join me in watching this epic finale when it comes out.

Until then, stay tuned for more updates and news on My Hero Academia Season 7. And remember: Go Beyond! Plus Ultra! ????

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