Love Addicts: New comedy series with Annette Frier

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In the Amazon series “Love Addicts”, the love life of four young people from Hamburg is scrutinized by a self-help group. Now the streaming service has announced the official start date for the comedy series.

  • With “Love Addicts” a new comedy series starts on Amazon Prime Video.
  • The eight-part original series will be launched on the streaming service in November 2022.
  • Here you can see how Annette Frier, as a therapist, helps four Hamburg residents in their mid-twenties with love problems.

The new Amazon series “Love Addicts” shows the everyday life of four Hamburg residents in their mid-twenties and their complicated love lives . Together with a therapist, they regularly inspect them in a self-help group. It has now been announced that the self-produced comedy will start with the streaming service in November 2022.

Love Addicts: Release Date

Amazon Prime Video has now announced when exactly the self-produced German comedy series will start in the streaming service’s program. From November 30, 2022 you can follow the exciting love adventures of Ben, Dennis, Zoe and Nele in “Love Addicts”.

Love Addicts: Storyline

Four Hamburgers in their mid-twenties have fundamentally different love lives, which they discuss together in a self-help group .

While Dennis has the problem of not being able to part with his eccentric and possessive girlfriend, Nele is looking for the absolute prince charming and has unattainably high expectations. Ben, on the other hand, doesn’t dare to admit his feelings and is very afraid of commitment. Zoe, on the other hand, simply dispensed with feelings completely and filled any emotional gap with sex.

All four are now looking for help from therapist Anja. Can it help them to get to the bottom of why they all find love so difficult? Anja definitely has a few ideas and doesn’t shy away from somewhat unconventional methods.

Love Addicts: Cast

It is now also known who will take on the lead roles of Dennis, Nele, Ben and Zoe. The male roles Ben and Dennis are played by the young actors Dimitri Abold and Anselm Bresgott. On the other hand, we get to see the newcomers Magdalena Laubisch and Malaya Stern Takeda as Nele and Zoe.

The love therapist for the four young people from Hamburg goes by the name of Anja and is played by German comedy star Annette Frier. Frier is best known for her role in the comedy series Merz vs. Merz and also appeared in the second season of LOL: Last One Laughing .

Dana Herfurth, Michaela Winterstein, Slavko Popadic and Sesede Terziyan are also set to take on other roles.

Love Addicts: Trailer

There is currently no official trailer for “Love Addicts”. If anything changes in the near future, you will find out here.

Love Addicts: Production

The series is being produced by production company Warner Bros. International Television Production and produced by Tobias Rosen (former ” Rote Rosen ” actor), Bernd von Fehrn and Marie Rechberg on behalf of Amazon Studios . The screenwriters are Julia Drache, Burkhardt Wunderlich, Isaiah Michalski and Gemma Michalski. The idea for “Love Addicts” came from Marian and Marco Grönwoldt.

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