New ‘Karate Kid’ Film Sparks Speculation of Jackie Chan’s Return as Mr.Han

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The Legendary Chinese actor, Jackie Chan may return to the big screen as Mr. Han in Sony’s reboot of the movie ‘Karate Kid’ (2010). The actor who turned 69 this year is said to be in talks with Sony for the film. All production details have been kept confidential but there have been rumours of Jackie Chan playing an important role in the film.

Karate Kid

New 'Karate Kid' Film Sparks Speculation Of Jackie Chan'S Return As Mr.han
Jackie Chan As “Mr. Han” And Jaden Smith As “Dre Parker” In The Karate Kid ©Columbia Pictures

Released in 2010, Karate Kid, directed by Harald Zwart starred actors Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan playing the lead roles. It was a reboot of the 1984 film, ‘Karate Kid’. Set in China, the movie is about Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) who moves to Beijing from Detroit with his mother.

Jaden finds life hard in China as he becomes the target of bullying by Cheng (Zhenwei Wang) and his friends who are all skilled in martial arts. One day, Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) saves Dre from the bullies and Dre decides to seek help from him who happens to be skilled in martial arts himself.

One of the challenges that the movie faced was its decision to shoot in China, which led to many issues like logistical limitations, language barriers, and cultural differences. The crew had to adapt to their unfamiliar surroundings and work closely with the local crew to overcome the differences.

The film received strong praise for the brilliant on-screen performances of both Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. The chemistry between them as teacher and student resonated well with the audience. Also, the action scenes were choreographed very well and they were highly acclaimed. The movie was a perfect blend of action combined with friendship, personal growth, and other values. 

The film did well at the box office as it grossed over $350 million dollars worldwide. The movie was well-received in China which elevated Jaden’s popularity in the country. Another contributing factor could be Jacke himself who is extremely popular in China thanks to his time in Hollywood.

The cast of Karate Kid also stars

  • Wenwn Han
  • Taraji P. Henson
  • Yu Rongguang
  • Zhensu Wu

Will Jaden Smith return for ‘Karate Kid 2’?

With rumours speculating that the movie is set to release in mid-2024, chances of Jaden’s return to the big screen shine thin. The last movie in which the actor starred in Life in a Year, co-starring Cara Delevingne was released in 2020. Jaden’s role as Dre in Karate Kid was extremely popular among young teens. Dre was the symbol that they could resonate with as he fought back against his bullies and it inspired many. There haven’t been many updates on whether the 24-year-old actor will return as Dre.

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