‘I’m A Virgo’ Ending Explained: Boot Riley’s coming of age series is a giant delight to watch

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I’m a Virgo, a Boots Riley-directed absurdist comedy-drama, follows the lives of a 13-foot-tall youngster who has a distinct perspective on the world. Every sentence said by a character in the series serves as a metaphor, and there are hidden meanings behind each one. Although we cannot dispute that Boots Riley made a sincere and audacious effort with I’m a Virgo, it is not designed for everyone. Let’s attempt to comprehend what is happening in the series and how the protagonist interprets his environment.

Not only is it a great comeback for him, but it also serves as a showcase for actor Jharrel Jerome, who expertly fills some very large shoes. It is one of those works with a lot of ambition and a clear goal that promises to spark conversation, just like Riley did five years ago. The initial episodes that were screened at SXSW are already so vibrant and alive. Let’s begin with the hilarious yet impactful life story of Cootie in I’m A Virgo, spoiler alert watchers!!

I'm A Virgo
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What is the journey of Cootie in I’m A Virgo all about?

According to DMT, It all begins with Cootie, a 13-year-old child with a giant body which is absolutely not a normal human body. Lefrancine and Martisse, Cootie’s adoptive parents, nurtured him, and they kept him concealed from the public since they knew no one had ever seen a person so enormous. They anticipated that he would first gain attention before the public turned him into a villain since he stood out from the crowd. Lefrancine and Martisse undoubtedly knew the world too well, and they were aware that it wouldn’t take long for the government and the populace to label him a state enemy.

Because they were so certain that Cootie would require them as he grew up, they even started developing guns at home. Cootie was interested in how things worked in the real world because he had never left his home. When he outgrew his parents’ home, Martisse constructed a large house with lofty ceilings in his backyard.

The main focus of I’m a Virgo’s season finale is the last confrontation between billionaire Jay Whittle, also known as The Hero (Walton Goggins), who is 19 years old, and the 19-year-old behemoth Cootie (Jharrel Jerome). Cootie and his buddies attempted to overthrow the city’s primary energy provider, but The Hero assaulted them as retaliation for their deed.

In one of her detailed presentations, Jones goes into great detail about the issues with capitalism. She discusses how unemployment causes illegal commerce, which ultimately fuels further violence. Jones suggests that these crimes are caused by The Hero and the system; they are the issue.

The Hero awakens from Jones’ hypnotic lecture at the end of Season 1 and acknowledges his error. He moves away from Cootie before taking off into the sky. Cootie breaks free of the chains and joins his pals in a standing position. But his rashes have gotten worse. They are now expanding and pulsing. Cootie picks at the sores and tears off the top layer of skin to show movement beneath.

i'm A Virgo
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Who wins the battle of mankind and humanity at the end of the season, Cootie or Hero?

I’m a Virgo‘s ending can be considered as a win for Cootie, Jonas, and everyone else who had been protesting the capitalist system, but they realized that the fight wasn’t yet done. They were aware that many more such disputes would occur in the future and that they would once more need to struggle for equality. Cootie has come a long way since being imprisoned within the four walls and seeing the duplicity and ridiculous ideas of the world. 

He had begun to comprehend how the world worked, and he was disappointed to find that reality was so dissimilar from his expectations. He had an idealistic picture of the world in his head all the time, but as his delusion fell apart, he was able to realize the true nature of humanity. Cootie had undergone internal change as a result of the fight in I’m a Virgo, and he was now better equipped to handle whatever life threw at him.

If you are a big coming-of-age drama fan, then you might go with this one to watch this weekend. We rate this season of I’m A Virgo 3.5 out of 5. 

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