House of the Dragon: Vermithor, the bronze dragon from “Dance of the Dragons,” plays this role

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In “House of the Dragon” Episode 10, Daemon Targaryen seeks out the dragon Vermithor, who will make history during the “Dance of the Dragons”. To win the beast over to his side, he sings it a song in High Valyrian.

  • Daemon Targaryen seeks out a very special dragon named Vermithor in the 10th episode of “House of the Dragon”.
  • As he approaches the beast, he sings a song in High Valyrian to calm the dragon and win him over.
  • Vermithor will fight alongside the Blacks in Dragon Seed Hugo Hammer’s “Dance of the Dragons”.

In the season one finale, ” House of the Dragon ,” Daemon Targaryen seeks out a very special dragon and sings a song for him. The giant lizard is the former mount of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen. The man who appointed Viserys I Targaryen as his successor.

The bronze dragon Vermithor has tan wings and is nicknamed “The Bronze Fury” for this reason. During ” Dance of the Dragons “, he is an ancient and powerful dragon who melts stone and steel with his flames. Only Aemond Targaryen’s dragon, Vhagar , is taller and older than Vermithor. In the war between the Greens and the Blacks, the dragon will play a crucial role.

Vermithor the Dragon by Jaehaerys I Targaryen

In the year 34 after Aegon the Conqueror, Princess Rhaena Targaryen is said to have given her brother Jaehaerys I a dragon egg. From this hatched the dragon Vermithor.

After the death of Aegon I Targaryen, Jaehaery’s father was proclaimed the new King of the Seven Kingdoms. However, his reign did not last long. After five years, King Aenys I Targaryen died.

Shortly thereafter, Aenys’ cousin Maegor I Targaryen crowned himself the new King of Westeros. In so doing, he overruled the claim to the throne of Jaehaerys’ eldest brother, Aegon.

This raised an army and went to war against Maegor I. In the Battle under the Gods Eye, Aegon was slain. Maegor then declared Jaehaerys I and his sister Alysanne to be his mother Visenya’s wards. He sent her along with her mother to Drachenstein, where they lived as prisoners.

When Visenya died, the family fled the island and found refuge in Storm’s End along with the dragons Vermithor and Silverwing. After Maegor I’s death, Jaehaerys I flew to King’s Landing to take the Iron Throne. With his mighty mount Vermithor, the king awed the people.

After the death of King Jaehaerys I, Vermithor was not ridden for years. The beast therefore withdrew to a smoky cave in the Dragon Mountains.

That’s why Daemon sings for the dragon

With the coronation of Aegon II Targaryen as King of the Seven Kingdoms, the “Dance of the Dragons” war of inheritance begins between Aegon II’s supporters, the Greens and allies of the rightful heir to the throne , Rhaenyra Targaryen .

To deal with the approaching conflict, Rhaenyra’s husband Daemon sees the strength of the blacks in the dragons. The greens only have four, while the blacks could have 13 fire-breathing lizards. Some of the animals are already owned by the blacks and others have yet to be owned.

One of the free dragons who is not yet part of the side is the Bronze Fury Vermithor. In order to win this for himself, the prince consort of Rhaenyra sets out to visit the animal. Since dragons are not tame pets, he must exercise special care when doing so.

The dragon has not been ridden by humans for over 30 years and has lived in hiding since the demise of Jaehaerys I. With his song, which Daemon sings in High Valyrian to calm the beast, he may be preparing Vermithor for his new destiny. One of the words sung sounds like the Valyrian word “Arlie” meaning “New”.

How Daemon knows the song is not entirely clear. He may have heard his grandfather Jaehaerys I sing these for his mount, or his research into Pentos brought him to these stanzas. All that is certain is that Vermithor will fight for the blacks.

Vermithor’s rider in “Dance of the Dragons”

With the dragons at their side, the blacks have a significant advantage over the greens. But without dragon riders, the animals are of little use to them. Therefore, Prince Jacaerys Velaryon decides to go in search of new dragon riders.

The Velaryon Prince calls upon all Dragon Seeds – bastard children of the Targaryens – to report to him. He promises land, riches and knighthood to anyone who manages to tame one of the six free dragons.

Many candidates fail and are burned by the flames of the animals. Hugo Hammer, the bastard son of an armorer, finally managed to win over the dragon Vermithor.

Vermithor takes part in the Battle of the Gorgle with his new rider. In the Betrayal of Stumbling City , Hugo uses his mount to engulf Stumbling City in flames, betraying the blacks.

During the Second Battle of the Stumbling City, Vermithor flies without his rider. He is attacked by Addam Velaryon and his dragon Sea Smoke. Vermithor is just off the ground when sea smoke tumbles down on him and the animal screeches and pushes him into the mud.

Actually, sea smoke previously fought with the riderless dragon lady Tessarion from the late prince Daeron Targaryen. This also interferes in the fight between Sea Smoke and Vermithor.

Vermithor succeeds in killing Seafume, being injured so badly that his wings can no longer carry him. He falls and dies.

However, this tragedy will only come in the coming seasons of “House of the Dragon” . What Daemon is already planning with the animal is unknown. In the book “Fire and Blood” by George RR Martin there is no mention of an encounter between the Prince Consort and Vermithor.