HBO’s Euphoria’s Top 5 Iconic Moments

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Euphoria, the drama series created by Sam Levison is one of the most popular shows by HBO Entertainment. The show gained popularity for its raw portrayal of the lives of modern-day teenagers and their struggles with addiction, sexual identity, mental health, and relationships. 

The show resonated extremely well with the target audience, particularly young viewers. The show focused highly on problems faced by teenagers in today’s world and kept the narrative as raw and original as possible.

The series features a cast led by Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elrodi, Sydney Sweeney, and Barbie Ferreira, among others. The show won multiple individual as well as collective awards and was a sensation online. Euphoria became a cultural phenomenon and fans were often discussing the show’s themes, characters, and impactful moments.

Here’s a look at some of the most iconic moments from the show which dropped jaws for sure.

Maddy confronts Nate in front of his family

Alexa Demie in Euphoria © 8FLiX & HBO

Maddy Perez’s (played by Alexa Demie) scene at the fair tops the list of the most iconic moments from the show. During the fair scene, Maddy decides to confront Nate (Jacob Elrodi) and his parents over Nate’s abusive behavior towards her and his family’s disapproval. 

The scene is a turning point for Maddy as she tries to break free from the constant abuse from Nate. Her anger isn’t just towards her boyfriend as she turns to Nate’s Mom and delivers the iconic line “You c**T” The scene ends with Nate dragging away Maddy.

Her line definitely became a trend on social media. Maddy was submissive towards Nathan the whole time and for her to refuse to put up with his toxic behavior was an iconic scene indeed. Emotions run high as the entire crowd watches her go off against Nate and his family. The confrontation marks a turning point for her character in Euphoria.

Cassie’s Merry-Go-Round adventure

Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria © 8FLiX & HBO

Cassie Howard (played by Sydney Sweeney) is one of the main characters in the show. Cassie initially comes off as the popular sweet girl in high school but as the series progresses, it shows her struggles with her own insecurities, identity, and relationships.

At the fair, Cassie decides to take some MDMA and ride the carousel with Daniel (Keean Johnson). Under the influence of the drug, she starts feeling euphoric and is aroused by the swaying motion. She starts grinding the carousel and soon realizes that her act of self-pleasure is being watched by on-lookers.

One theory arises that the spinning merry-go-round is a representation of the nature of her romantic struggles and that she is trapped in a never-ending cycle. The ride could have been a moment of introspection and self-reflection for her which was only fueled further by the drugs she had taken prior. 

Fez beats up Nate

Angus Cloud in Euphoria © 8FLiX & HBO

Fez a.k.a Fezco is the local drug dealer who later becomes entangled in the complex web of situations with other characters from the show. Fez (played by Angus Cloud) is friends with Rue (Zendaya) and reveals that Nate has been blackmailing Jules (Hunter Schafer). Nate himself has his personal problems with Nate which affect his drug business. 

In the premiere of season 2, Fez is seen chatting with Lexi (Maude Apatow) when all of a sudden he asks Ashtray (Javon Walton) to start the car. He then walks over to Nate and beats him up brutally. Maddy, Mckay, and others are seen helping Nate out towards the end of the episode.

Perhaps it was in Fez’s best interests to beat up Nate, fans say that based on his character in the first season, Nate had it coming. The scene is quite powerful as the whole party just stops and Lexi is the most confused one in the room as she had a deep talk with Fez before he did that.

Maddy finds out about Cassie and Nate

A still from season 2 episode 5 © 8FLiX & HBO

Cassie is best friends with Maddy and there is something that best friends should never do – KEEP SECRETS, and Cassie has her own well-kept secret which she has gone to great lengths to maintain. She is sleeping with Maddy’s ex-boyfriend, Nate.

In episode 5 of Season 2, Rue is confronted by her mother at Lexi and Cassie’s house. Kat (Barbie Ferreira) and Maddy also happen to be there at the time. Rue who has relapsed doesn’t want to go back to rehab but her Mom and others beg her to. 

Cassie being innocent as she is, encourages Rue, to which Rue spitefully asks her how long she has been hooking up with Nate. Silence follows as nobody is able to grasp what just happened and Rue tells everyone in detail of what she knows. All hell breaks loose as Maddy confronts Cassie, while the others are trying to dissuade the situation. Amidst the chaos, Rue manages to escape. 

Rue lashes out at Jules

Zendaya in Euphoria © 8FLiX & HBO

Jules and Rue have a pretty complicated relationship but regardless Jules loves her. The scene takes place at Rue’s house where Jules decides to tell Rue’s Mom (Nika King) that she is relapsing. Jule’s decision to confide in Rue’s mom is driven by her genuine concern for Rue. Elliot who is also friends with the two, agrees with Jules.

However, this does not sit well with Rue and she starts lashing out at Jules. Shocked over how Jules could have done something like this, Rue calls her out for being selfish and quote “sucking the life out of people”. Jules says that she loves Rue to which responds by saying

“If you really love me, Jules, stay out of my *uckin* life forever.”

Overall the show highlights the issues which are prevalent in today’s times. It goes beyond the usual story-telling and focuses on the struggles of each character in order to resonate with the audience. Nonetheless, these scenes have cemented themselves as being some of the most iconic ones in Euphoria.

You can watch Euphoria on Amazon Prime.

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