Gakuen Alice Season 2: Will the sequel ever be released?

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Will there ever be Gakuen Alice Season 2? Will it ever come back after all these years?

One of the many shoujo anime that fits under the comedy category is Gakuen Alice because of its focus on a school and superpower premise. Despite being in the realm for a long time, Gakuen Alice is unquestionably a hidden gem. It provides the highest level of comedy without being overly embarrassing for the audience.

Mikan Sakura, a typical ten-year-old girl, is the main character of Gakuen Alice. She is trying to assist Hotaru Imai, a childhood friend who has a completely different temperament and recently transferred to Alice Academy, a school known for its severe treatment of its students. When Mikan arrived, she discovered that Alice Academy is actually a place where those with naturally gifted superpower abilities congregate and train to become the best. Mikan also possesses a special talent, so she chose to enroll in the academy so she could see her best friend again.

Tachibana Higuchi originally created and illustrated the manga series that would become Gakuen Alice. It has been released in the Hakusensha Hana to Yume manga anthology. Thirty-one volumes were released before the series came to an end on June 20, 2013, with the first volume being released on September 5, 2020. Before Tokyopop went out of business, it had an English translation license for the manga series. German and Spanish licenses have also been issued for it.

As of 2012, the manga series had sold more than 600 million copies, proving its enormous popularity. The manga series 26th volume also achieved a rank of 8 in the Japanese Comic Rank.

Gakuen Alice Season 2 Renewal Status

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The studio Group TAC, best known for its anime productions including Texhnolyze, Black Blood Brothers, and Grappler Baki, turned the manga story into an anime series. Since the studio’s bankruptcy in September 2010, Group TAC has not produced any anime. Hutch the Honeybee was their most recent anime endeavor. After splitting from Group TAC, a studio called Diomedéa (Domestic Girlfriend) was created.

Beginning on October 30, 2004, the anime series continued for 26 episodes before coming to an end on May 14, 2005. Many fans are clamoring for a second season now that the first one has ended. What is the status of Gakuen Alice Season 2’s renewal?

As of right now, we haven’t heard anything about Gakuen Alice Season 2 from the author or any anime studio. Whether or not the anime series will be renewed for another season is unknown.

Gakuen Alice Season 2: What are the possibilities?

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Even though Gakuen Alice Season 2 hasn’t been formally announced yet, it is safe to assume that it won’t be coming back. The manga series’ publication ended on June 20, 2013, which is the main cause. Since the purpose of most adaptations is to advance the original work, no studio would be required to produce the anime since the original work has already been completed.

In addition, there is little prospect of a Gakuen Alice Season 2 because the anime series hasn’t been updated in almost ten years.

Although there is more than enough material for a second season regarding sources. Only a third of the total volumes have been covered by the anime series. The anime earned positive reviews from the public as evidenced by its stellar rating of 7.64 on MyAnimeList.

A revival of the anime series would, however, have a better chance of happening than a second season. We can only hope that Gakuen Alice will experience the same fate as Fruits Basket, which had its anime series rebooted after a roughly 20-year hiatus.

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