First part of the Overlord manga finished

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In a shocking turn of events, Hugin Miyama has finally brought the curtain down on the first part of his wildly popular Overlord manga adaptation. After a whopping nine years, the July issue of Comp Ace magazine from Kadokawa marks the end of an era that has kept readers on the edge of their seats.

Overlord: A Manga Born from the Light Novel

Back in November 2014, Hugin Miyama took on the daunting task of bringing the intricate world of the Overlord light novel series to life through his masterful manga adaptation. With a staggering eighteen volumes under his belt, Miyama has skillfully translated Kugane Maruyama’s original story, which had its humble beginnings as a web novel. Since 2012, Enterbrain has been publishing the sixteen-part series, adorned with the breathtaking illustrations of so-bin. As the series hurtles towards its grand finale, fans eagerly anticipate the last two volumes that promise to deliver a memorable conclusion.

A Leap from Page to Screen: Overlord’s Anime Triumph

Not content with conquering the realm of ink and paper, Overlord made its triumphant transition to the animated realm courtesy of Studio MADHOUSE. This isekai sensation has captivated audiences with its enthralling narrative and stunning visuals. For those residing in our humble country, aniverse graciously simulcasted the fourth season in 2022, leaving fans hungry for more.

As the first part of the Overlord manga reaches its conclusion, fans can’t help but yearn for the next chapter in this epic saga. Will Hugin Miyama’s vision continue to astound us in the coming volumes? Only time will tell. Stay tuned, dear readers, for the tale is far from over.

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