Fans MESMERIZED by the romantic journey in My Happy Marriage

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The storyline of this anime is just as amazing as it could be. With every passing episode of My Happy Marriage, the manga series is getting as intense as we imagine. Fans are just absolutely mesmerized by the journey of Miyo and Kudo falling for each other and tackling every obstacle. Misery has just begun in their lives but still, they trying to keep each other happy and safe.

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My Happy Marriage Plot

The My Happy Marriage series is based on a light novel set in a small village in Japan. A girl named Miyo Saimori is born into a family where love is a mythical concept. Her father marries another woman after Miyo’s mother passes away. Despite being a family member, she is treated like a servant and her father doesn’t care at all.

My Happy Marriage On Netflix: Release Date, Plot And All You Need To Know

Her mother had an arranged marriage where there was no love and thought that Miyo intakes being followed by what is said and needed to be done. She is married off in an arranged setup to a captain named Kiyoka Kudou. Her husband has a rumor that he is very cruel and so Saimori accepts her faith but to her surprise, he is not what is heard by others.

My Happy Marriage on Netflix: Meet Voice actors of the series
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‘Peak of Romance and Basic Love Story’- Fans absolutely love each episode of My Happy Marriage

The manga series My Happy Marriage is getting so much fan attention that with every episode that they are curious to know the whole story and how it will be ending. One fan wrote-‘Peak romance and it’s the most basic love story ever…’ Another wrote-‘Is it that good? I’ve seen it on Netflix but heard almost 0 about it, I love romances. A fan tweeted-‘I told you that Kudo was gonna roll hard to get Miyo back. Dude burned down the other guy’s whole kompound and now the emperor is getting involved. Kan’t wait for Ep. 6’. Another wrote-‘Bro I almost cried’.

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