Evil Dead (2013), The Scariest Horror Film According To Twitter, Can Be Seen On Netflix

It tells the story of five people who have to deal with evil demons.

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The Evil Dead film, which was broadcast by the Netflix platform, has made history again. Because the American horror film, which was released in 2013, was called the most horror film by Twitter users.

The reason, apart from the tense plot, is also because the special effects and makeup that are applied are cool and very realistic.

Synopsis Evil Dead itself tells the story of five people who have to deal with evil demons from hell who want to rise and spread death in the human world.

Director Fede Alvarez hooked several artists, namely Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, and many more. Meanwhile, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell became the producers of this film project.

For those who haven’t watched it, take a peek at the synopsis of Evil Dead, which is summarized below.

1. Synopsis of Evil Dead 2013

EVIL DEAD - International Teaser Trailer

Released on April 5, 2013, Evil Dead tells the story of five people who stay overnight in a cabin in the forest. David Allen and Natalie, his girlfriend came to the cabin with his sister Mia, a nurse named Olivia, and Eric who was a teacher.

The five of them spend the night in the cabin to help Mia who is addicted to drugs. But as soon as Mia entered the cabin, she smelled a strong stench, oddly enough the others couldn’t smell it. Meanwhile, a door leading to the basement is found by David.

David and Eric find that in the room there are rotting animal carcasses, rifles, and a book called Naturom Demonto. Who would have thought that when Eric tried to read one of the writings in the book, it turned out that he had raised an evil demon from hell?

After that the terror began, Mia was the first to see a mysterious girl under the pouring rain. Mia decides to run away by stealing Eric’s car because she thinks she is hallucinating after what she saw.

Unfortunately, in the middle of her escape, Mia met a demon who then possessed her. So what will happen to Mia and her four colleagues in the cabin? Can they survive? Find the answer in Evil Dead 2013 which is already airing on Netflix.

2. Facts About Evil Dead 2013

Maybe not many know that Evil Dead 2013 is a reboot of the franchise with the same title which was released in 1981. This franchise was worked on by Sam Raimi who later made the sequels Evil Dead (1987) and Army of Darkness (1992).

This supernatural horror film gave birth to an iconic figure who was none other than Ash Williams, played by Bruce Campbell. 2013’s Evil Dead is brought back to life by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell after 20 years since the original film was released.

The difference is that in Evil Dead 2013, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell served as producers, not directors or actors.

Evil Dead
Evil Dead

3. Cast Of Evil Dead 2013

Fede Alvarez got Jane Levy as the main character Mia Allen. Then the role of David Allen was given to Shiloh Fernandez. Then there is Lou Taylor Pucci who beautifully plays the character Eric.

Nurse Olivia is played by Jessica Lucas and finally, there is Elizabeth Blackmore as Natalie who is also included in the list of main players. Besides the five there are several other artists such as Phoenix Connolly, Sian Davis, Jim McLarty, Karl Willetts, Stephen Butterworth, Randal Wilson, and Rupert Degas.

Evil Dead
Evil Dead

4. Evil Dead 2013 Achievements

Evil Dead 2013 was a huge success receiving six awards and 19 nominations in various events. One of the awards they brought home was Best Makeup at the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards for Roger Murray and Jane O’Kane. The makeup details in Evil Dead are really good and realistic.

Evil Dead 2013 was also nominated for Best Horror TV Spot in the Golden Trailer Awards. In addition, the income is very large compared to production costs. Evil Dead 2013’s total gross of over 97.5 million dollars with a production budget of only about 17 million dollars.

After knowing the synopsis of Evil Dead 2013 along with the facts and achievements, are you sure you won’t regret it if you don’t watch it?