Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Release Date, News, Story and Trailer

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Get ready for more Eminence in Shadow! Here is everything you need to know about Eminence in Shadow season 2 release date, news, story, and trailer.

The hilarious adventures of the self-proclaimed mastermind of the shadows are back for another season!

Cid’s quest to create his own secret organization and manipulate the world from behind the scenes will continue with more twists and turns.

But what can we expect from the second season of this anime adaptation of the popular light novel series?

Let’s find out!

Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Eminence in Shadow was announced shortly after the first season ended, with a special live stream featuring the voice actors.

However, the exact date of the premiere has not been revealed yet. Based on the previous season, which took a year from the announcement to the release, we can estimate that the second season will air sometime in late 2023 or early 2024.

But there is a possibility that it might be sooner than that, since the first teaser trailer only showed scenes from the third volume of the light novel.

We will keep you updated with any news regarding the release date of Eminence in Shadow season 2.

The Eminence in Shadow News: A Dark Fantasy Isekai with a Twist

The Eminence in Shadow is based on a light novel series by Daisuke Aizawa, which started as a web novel on Shosetsuka ni Naro (Let’s be Novelist!) in May 2018. Enterbrain has published the light novel since November 2018, and has sold over 4 million copies worldwide as of February 2023. The manga adaptation by Anri Sakano has been serialized in Comp Ace magazine since December 2018, and has also been licensed by Yen Press for an English release.

The anime adaptation is produced by Nexus, and aired from October 2022 to February 2023, with a total of 20 episodes. The anime has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks, and is available for streaming on HIDIVE. A second season has been announced, but no release date has been confirmed yet.

The story follows Cid Kagenou, a boy who was obsessed with becoming a mastermind who controls everything from the shadows. He trained himself in martial arts, magic and deception, but was killed by a truck before he could achieve his dream. He is reincarnated in a fantasy world where magic and monsters exist, and decides to continue his plan of creating his own secret organization, the Shadow Garden, to fight against the evil Cult of Diablos.

However, there is a twist: the Cult of Diablos actually exists, and they are not happy with Cid’s interference. Cid, on the other hand, thinks that everything is just his imagination, and that he is playing a role-playing game with his loyal followers. He is unaware of his own power and influence, and how he affects the fate of the world.

The Eminence in Shadow is a hilarious and thrilling anime that subverts the cliches of the isekai genre. It features an overpowered but clueless protagonist, a cast of quirky and loyal characters who adore him, and a plot that mixes comedy and action with mystery and intrigue. The animation is fluid and colorful, the voice acting is expressive and fitting, and the music is catchy and epic.

Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Trailer

The fans were ecstatic when they saw the first teaser trailer for Eminence in Shadow season 2, which was released on February 22, 2023. It was only a week after the first season concluded, and they already got a glimpse of what’s to come.

The trailer didn’t reveal much about the plot but confirmed that the same staff and cast will return for the second season.

The animation quality and the voice acting are expected to be as good as ever.

Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Cast

The official website has just announced that all of the cast members from the first season will return to voice their respective characters. Here is the list of the main cast:

  • Seiichiro Yamashita as Cid Kagenou, the self-proclaimed Eminence in Shadow who leads the underground organization Shadow Garden and fights against the Cult of Diabolos.
  • Asami Seto as Alpha, the leader of the Seven Shades Group and Cid’s loyal subordinate who can manipulate shadows.
  • Inori Minase as Beta, a member of the Seven Shades Group and Cid’s loyal subordinate who can manipulate fire.
  • Ai Fairouz as Delta, a member of the Seven Shades Group and Cid’s loyal subordinate who can manipulate water.
  • Hisako Kanemoto as Epsilon, a member of the Seven Shades Group and Cid’s loyal subordinate who can manipulate wind.
  • Reina Kondou as Eta, a member of the Seven Shades Group and Cid’s loyal subordinate who can manipulate earth.
  • Suzuko Mimori as Gamma, a member of the Seven Shades Group and Cid’s loyal subordinate who can manipulate light.
  • Ayaka Asai as Zeta, a member of the Seven Shades Group and Cid’s loyal subordinate who can manipulate electricity.

The staff members will also reprise their roles from the first season. Nakanishi Kazuya will be the director and Katou Kanichi will handle the script and series composition. Iino Makoto will do the character design.

Eminence in Shadow Story

A hilarious tale of a boy who wants to be the ultimate shadow master! Meet Minoru Kagenou, a young man who has always dreamed of becoming the strongest and most mysterious being in the world. He trains hard every day, pretending to be a normal high school student by day and a vigilante by night. He even tries to learn magic from books and meditation, but to no avail. He thinks that magic does not exist on Earth.

But one day, his life changes dramatically when he is hit by a truck while chasing a strange light in the woods. He wakes up in a different world, where he is reborn as Cid, the second son of a noble family. To his delight, he discovers that this world is full of magic and he has a natural talent for it. He decides to use his new power to create his own legend of the “shadow”, a mysterious figure who helps people in need and fights evil.

He starts to act as a hero behind the scenes, saving people from danger and spreading rumors about his deeds. He also makes up stories about a sinister cult called Diabolos, which he claims is his archenemy. He thinks that this is all just a game and that no one will take him seriously.

But little does he know that his actions have actually inspired many people to join his cause and form an organization called Shadow Garden. They believe that Cid is the true shadow master and that Diabolos is a real threat to the world. They dedicate their lives to following Cid’s orders and fighting against Diabolos.

Meanwhile, Diabolos is not a figment of Cid’s imagination, but a real cult that has been secretly controlling the world for centuries. They are alarmed by the rise of Shadow Garden and see Cid as their greatest enemy. They plot to destroy him and his followers before they can expose their evil schemes.

The stage is set for an epic battle between the delusional Cid and his loyal Shadow Garden versus the sinister Diabolos and their dark minions. Will Cid realize the truth about his situation and stop Diabolos? Or will he continue to live in his fantasy world and endanger himself and his allies? Find out in this hilarious and thrilling story of Eminence in Shadow!

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