Dragon Ball Daima First Trailer: New Dragon Ball Series Fans Have Two Good Reasons to Look Forward to the Anime Return

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Dragon Ball returns after several years with a new series, for which there is now a first teaser. Above all, anime fans will be happy about two elements of the new adventures.

Five years after the end of Dragon Ball Super, a new Dragon Ball series is to come. The project, recently rumored to be Dragon Ball Magic, is now called Dragon Ball Daima. And a first teaser is already available.

Check out the first teaser for Dragon Ball Daima here:

Anime fans must be looking forward to new Dragon Ball series with mixed feelings

The first teaser was recently released by animation studio Toei. To the chagrin of many fans, only a few new scenes can be seen, with the majority limited to a review of the last 40 years of Dragon Ball.

According to the information so far about the new Dragon Ball anime, in Dragon Ball Daima the heroes Goku and Kaioshin are turned into children and must try to get back their former forms of existence. The story will remind franchise fans of Dragon Ball GT, so many fear a copy of an already known story.

But there are also 2 reasons for anime fans to be excited about the trailer

Reason 1: Many fans are excited about the new animations. Some on Twitter already see a new era of the franchise dawning and prefer the new technology to the sometimes dusty images of earlier Dragon Ball days.

Reason 2: With author Akira Toriyama, the Dragon Ball author will once again be at the helm of the new series.

When is Dragon Ball: Daima coming?

As Toei Animation announced via the trailer, Dragon Ball: Daima is scheduled for release in the fall of 2024.

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