Cracking the Instagram Algorithm and Strategies for Organic Growth

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Instagram, founded in 2010, is a leading photo and video-sharing social networking app, continually innovating with features like Stories, Reels, and shopping. Similar to Facebook, users have profiles and news feeds, interacting through likes, comments, and private messaging. Users can create iOS, Android, and web accounts using Facebook or email. Profiles can be public or private, with options to customize. Posting options include photos, videos, filters, and editing tools. Stories, akin to Snapchat, offer additional sharing avenues.

As Instagram has evolved, it now offers a variety of tools for content creation and sharing. Editing options empower users to transform photos and videos creatively. Instagram Stories provide fleeting yet engaging moments, while Reels offer entertaining short-form video content. Shopping integrations seamlessly blend commerce with content, turning Instagram into a virtual storefront for brands and businesses.

How Does Instagram Algorithm Work?

The Instagram algorithm determines content ranking across the platform, including feeds, Explore Pages, Reels, and Stories. It tailors content based on user interests and behavior.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri emphasizes the algorithm’s role in enhancing user experience. Rather than a single algorithm, Instagram employs various ones for different parts of the app.

For the Feed:

– Interest: Predicts user engagement based on past interactions.

– Post popularity: Considers likes, comments, shares, and post time.

– Poster information: Considers past interactions and post frequency.

– Interaction history: Accounts for user history with a particular account.

For Stories:

– User engagement: Considers likes and DMs.

– Viewing history: Prioritizes accounts based on story views.

– Closeness: Considers user relationship with the account.

For Reels:

– User activity: Considers past engagement with Reels.

– Author interaction: Prioritizes content from familiar accounts.

– Reel information: Considers factors like audio track and caption.

– Poster information: Similar to Feed and Stories.

For Explore:

– Post information: Considers post popularity.

– Your activity in Explore: Based on past actions.

– Interaction history: Considers user’s relationship with the poster.

– Information about the poster: Considers the poster’s recent popularity.

Key factors include the relationship between the creator and viewer, user interest, and content relevancy. Active community management and relevant content improve visibility.

Tips To Utilize Instagram Platform Effectively

  1. Activate Instagram Reels: Employ Instagram Reels, a widely-used video feature akin to TikTok, for crafting engaging short clips lasting up to 30 seconds. Elevate your videos with innovative tools, effects, and music to highlight your brand’s authenticity.
  2. Embrace Instagram AR filters: Dive into Spark AR Studio to develop AR filters tailored for Instagram, enriching videos with vibrant color grading and captivating effects. Integrate filters reflecting your product or brand aesthetics to captivate your audience.
  3. Track and learn from your best-performing Instagram content: Monitor and analyze the performance of your Instagram content to pinpoint trends and strategies resonating with your audience. Utilize insights through Instagram social listening and analytics to refine your marketing approach and optimize engagement.
  4. Take advantage of Instagram’s video ad formats: Harness Instagram’s diverse video ad formats, including single videos, carousels, and Stories, to efficiently target your audience. Craft visually enticing ads to prompt actions such as website visits and engagement.
  5. Give GIFs a chance: Integrate GIFs into your marketing approach for compelling content that grabs attention. Employ GIFs for snappy and captivating visuals, complement your overall Instagram content strategy.
  6. Use Instagram traffic to increase website traffic: Utilize Instagram as a conduit to drive traffic to your website by optimizing your bio link, employing strong calls to action, and leveraging Instagram’s ad formats. Analyze traffic data to refine your campaign tactics.
  7. Use SEO to ‘win’ Instagram: Optimize your Instagram presence for searchability by selecting relevant handles and account names. Infuse keywords pertinent to your industry to enhance discoverability and leverage social signals for bolstering SEO rankings.
  8. Form partnerships with micro-influencers to cultivate brand authenticity: Join forces with micro-influencers to naturally promote your brand to their dedicated followers. Micro-influencers exhibit heightened engagement levels and have the ability to establish authentic bonds with your desired audience.
  9. Arrange an Instagram competition: Captivate your audience through competitions, especially giveaways, to enhance engagement and increase brand visibility. Strategically strategize and advertise competitions, utilizing various platforms to encourage participation and evaluate effectiveness.
  10. Transform Instagram followers into email subscribers: Motivate your Instagram followers to join your email subscriber list by offering incentives and utilizing clear calls to action. Foster meaningful connections with subscribers to effectively nurture customer relationships.
  11. Embrace Instagram Stories: Harness Instagram Stories to share authentic and captivating content resonating with your audience. Experiment with live and pre-recorded stories to stimulate engagement and boost brand exposure.

Pro Tip: Maximize your Instagram strategy by learning to schedule Instagram posts. This savvy move aligns with the platform’s algorithm and frees up valuable time, allowing for more focus on content creation and engagement.”


Instagram has become a powerhouse in social media, offering users a platform for sharing stories, connecting, and discovering content. It has evolved into a hub for creativity and commerce through features like Stories and Reels. Understanding its algorithm is crucial for maximizing presence and engagement. Social media tips include embracing new features and forming partnerships with influencers. As Instagram continues to adapt, it remains a vital space for creativity and connection globally.


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