Cobra Kai Season 6 could be the last: When and how does it continue?

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When is Cobra Kai season 6 coming to Netflix? Read the probable start date here. Also, speculate on the likely end of the series and the plot in season 6.

Spoilers for Cobra Kai season 5 follow: On Netflix, the most exciting and brutal Cobra Kai season to date has just come to an end. Daniel LaRusso and his allies from Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do defeated villain Terry Silver in a rousing showdown.

The one-time YouTube original series has become a long-running hit on Netflix. Even after 5 seasons, fans of the karate soap show no signs of fatigue. An official confirmation for Season 6 by Netflix is still missing. But that the streaming service will extend its success by at least one more season is just a formality. The question of the future beyond Season 6 is a bit trickier.

Cobra Kai Season 6 Release Date: When is coming?

Cobra Kai Season 6
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Our guess: Cobra Kai season 6 will be released in September/October 2023. The Cobra Kai makers have been working at a steady pace for years. Between the two seasons of Stranger Things there are sometimes several years, Cobra Kai season 5 came only 9 months after season 4, which was also due to the fact that the seasons were filmed directly after each other. Production on season 6, however, has not yet begun. Nevertheless, it should not come to more than a year of waiting.

Update: Unfortunately, there is still no final confirmation of season 6 from Netflix, as the creators said in an interview. However, after the success of season 5, nothing should stand in the way.

Storyline: What is season 6 of Cobra Kai about?

Eagle Fang and Myagi Do have qualified for the Sakai Taikai international karate tournament. This competition on the biggest stage possible should provide the framing for season 6. The first half could be devoted to preparation, the second to the competition itself. The return of John Kreese after his Hannibal Lecter-like outburst adds spice. After all, Johnny and Daniel beat their old foe over the head before.

Why season 6 could be the final Cobra Kai conclusion

In an interview, showrunner Josh Heald said of the Season 6 plans:

We still have some tricks up our sleeve to move from this point. But it’s getting bigger with each season. And we’re always trying not to plagiarize ourselves.

Josh Heald

At least it doesn’t sound like the team wants to deliver endless seasons to Netflix. In fact, conditions in the Valley seem tidier than ever. Robby and Miguel have settled their dispute. Miguel has also met his father and closed the book on that chapter (of course, his visit to Mexico could have unexpected consequences). Johnny, still disoriented at the beginning of the series, has arrived; he and Carmen are expecting a child. The final antagonist Terry Silver has been brought down and it can’t possibly get much worse than with him: With this, Daniel LaRusso has conquered his trauma.

All in all, the classic Cobra Kai conflicts have been reduced. If old quarrels were to break out again, we’d be going in circles. Season 5 doesn’t feel like the endpoint yet, but it formed the bridge for a slow harmonious winding down of the series with a final season where once again the sport and the newly forged friendships can flourish. A look back at what has been achieved and lived through. The big question mark John Kreese also fits in with this. He is the last legacy with which the series could return to its roots in the films before its end.

Are Cobra Kai spin-offs coming?

As is often the case, the end of a series does not mean the end of the franchise. Just like Game of Thrones currently, for example, Cobra Kai may continue with spin-offs dedicated to new corners of the karate universe. Showrunner Hayden Schlossberg says he and his team are currently focused on Cobra Kai, but have spin-off ideas in mind. And Cobra Kai is, after all, the best example of how well a spin-off, or in this case a sequel, can work.

How do you see the future of Cobra Kai?

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