Nimona on Netflix: Eugene Lee Yang and Riz Ahmed’s new trailer dropped

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On Wednesday, Chloe Grace Mortez’s starrer animated film Nimona trailer is out along with Eugene Lee Yang, Riz Ahmed, Frances Conroy, Back Bennettas, Lorraine Toussaint, and Ru Paul. Troy Quane and Nick Bruno directed the film. Recently, Netflix released many trailers such as They Cloned Troned and new announcements for upcoming shows and renewed season 2. 

Nimona movie is based on Nimona book which is written by ND Stevenson. Nimona teaser was dropped on 18th May 2023 on Netflix youtube. The film will be released n the 30th of June 2023 on Netflix in the English language. Netflix and its creators have also released the official poster of the upcoming film Nimona which is uploaded on the Discussing Film Twitter on Thursday. Annapurna Pictures producing the film.

Let’s check about the trailer, official poster, characters, production company, and other details.

Stills from Nimona trailer
(Annapurna Pictures)

Nimona’s exciting trailer

The Nimona trailer opens up with news that a killer is free it focuses on the main lead character Nimona who said “It’s perfect for me” and then it focuses on the Ballister Blackhead who is accused of the murder and Nimona gives the offer to be his side kick but Ballister told he is not the villain and the real villain is free. 

Then it’s focused on Ambrosius Goldenloin who said that he catch him. In another scene, Ballister talks about Ambrosius believing that he is the killer then in another shot Nimona and Ballister in the train and they look outside where Ambrosius looking at them with his army which both hides.

The trailer ends with a conversation where they deal and finally where Nimona turns into a whale which Ballister freaks out can’t you be normal then it ends off saying a line by Nimona that I don’t follow that.

Stills of Nimona Trailer
(Annapurna Pictures)

The Expected Storyline from Nimona Trailer

The expected plot of the Nimona trailer is Ballister Blackhead who is accused of the murder of the queen according to Wikipedia and for that, he is hiding to prove his innocence Nimona a shape-shifting creature has become Ballister’s assistant and helping him to prove his innocence and find out the real villain. There many questions – Is Ballister is the real culprit? Why Nimona is trying to help Ballister? Who is the real villain? For that, you wait for the 30th of June 2023 on the ott platform Netflix in worldwide.

The conclusion is that Nimona trailer mixed up comedy, and action and also got a PG rating. Nimona movie has been released at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival on 14th June 2023.

The Nimona trailer is liked by the audience which also gets praise in the comments on Youtube if you haven’t watched it then watch the Nimona trailer now.

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