Bridgerton family trees and families of the Netflix hit explained

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With so many family members and family connections, it’s easy to lose track of “Bridgerton” – we help with clear family trees.

The third season of “Bridgerton” has recently been announced and immediately shows some exciting family developments and new additions. With eight offspring, the titular Bridgerton family is the largest so far, but the Featheringtons and the returning Sharma family are also very important. So that you don’t lose track, we have compiled the three most important family trees here, including brief explanations of each family. Please note that the family trees shown here already contain all the new features of the entire second season, so you can expect slight spoilers!

Bridgerton family trees – overview of the three most important families

After the Bridgerton family that gives the show its title, the Featheringtons and the Sharma family also play an important role. Please note that the family trees shown here correspond to the Netflix series and differ in part from the basis of Julia Quinn’s novel.

The Bridgertons

The Bridgertons (AWSMONE)

After the death of their father Edmund, Anthony is now the male head of the family. He is at the center of the action in season 2, following in the footsteps of his sister Daphne, who plunged into the ball season in advance to find the love of her life. The next season probably already has the next big romance in store and perhaps even more offspring. The family is played by the following actors:

RoleActressRole Annotation
Edmund BridgertonRupert Evansonly seen in flashbacks
Violet BridgertonRuth GemmellBorn Ledger
Anthony BridgertonJonathan Baileymarried to Kate Sharma
Benedict BridgertonLuke Thompson
Colin BridgertonLuke Newton
Daphne Bridgerton/BassetPhoebe Dynevormarried to Simon / now Duchess of Hastings
Eloise BridgertonClaudia Jessie
Francesca BridgertonRuby Stokes
Gregory BridgertonWill Tilston
Hyacinth BridgertonFlorence Hunt
Simon BassetRegé-Jean Pagemarried to Daphne / Duke of Hastings / ward of Lady Danbury

The Featheringtons

The Featheringtons (AWSMONE)

The Featherington family lives not far from the Bridgerton estate. However, they are less well-off and have to struggle with financial problems. Marina Thompson, in whom Colin Bridgerton has already shown an interest, and Jack Featherington are introduced as distant relatives; the latter takes over the family affairs after Archibald’s death. As Portia chases him out of the house at the end of season 2, a reunion with Jack is unlikely.

RoleActressRole Annotation
Portia FeatheringtonPolly Walker
Archibald FeatheringtonBen Millerpassed away at the end of season 1
Prudence FeatheringtonBessie Carter
Philipa FeatheringtonHarriet Cainsmarried to Albion Finch
Penelope FeatheringtonNicola Coughlan
Jack FeatheringtonRupert Youngdistant cousin
Marina Thompson/CraneRuby Barkerdistant cousin / marries George’s brother, Phillip Crane after his death

The Sharmas

The Sharma family is the most mysterious. Although the high-born Mary had extremely good cards on the London wedding market at the time, she decided against a man of correspondingly high rank. Instead, she fell in love with a civil servant and went with him to India, where a daughter from a previous relationship was already waiting (Kate). Only after the death of her husband, called “Appa” by her daughters, does Mary return to England with Edwina and Kate. We don’t get to see Appa, and the whereabouts or death of Kate’s mother also remain uncertain. Although Edwina’s first London ball season is unsuccessful, the Queen (Golda Rosheuvel) has taken a liking to her and is probably already planning her marriage to Prince Frederick (Freddie Storma).

RoleActressRole Annotation
Mary SharmaShelly ConnBorn in Sheffield
Kate SharmaSimone AshleyMary’s stepdaughter
Edwina SharmaCharithra ChandranHalf-sister of Kate

As far as is known, the Netflix series will continue to follow the book series and will focus on the love story of one of the eight siblings. Accordingly, in season 3 Benedict will be given this honor, in season 4 it will be Colin’s turn. We will adapt the family trees accordingly season by season and keep them up to date.

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