Black Summer been renewed for Season 3? here’s all we know

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Black Summer is a distinctive show about zombies that premiered on Netflix some time ago. It has a realistic and dark style and a loyal audience. However, it has been more than 2 years since the second season was released, and you might be curious about its status. Here’s what we found out:

Will it be renewed for Season 3?

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As of November 2023, Netflix has not officially renewed Black Summer for a third season. However, there is still hope for fans of the show, as Netflix has also not announced its cancellation. The second season of Black Summer received positive reviews from critics and audiences, and was featured in the US top ten list for two weeks. Jamie King, the lead actress and co-producer of the show, has expressed her interest and ideas for a third season in an interview with Express. She said that she would like to see the show end in three seasons, if possible.

Why was Black Summer cancelled?

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Black Summer is a Netflix Original horror series that is a spin-off of Z Nation. It follows a group of survivors trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. The series has two seasons, but fans have been waiting for a third one for two years. However, there has been no official announcement from Netflix or the creators about the future of Black Summer.

According to some sources, Black Summer may have been ghost-canceled by Netflix. This means that the show was canceled behind the scenes, but the news never reached the public.

What’s the speculated Black Summer Season 3 plot?

A possible plot for season 3 could explore these questions and reveal what happened to Rose and Sun. It could also introduce new characters and locations, as well as new challenges and dangers for the survivors. The third season could also delve deeper into the origins and nature of the zombie outbreak, as well as the state of the world outside of North America.

Black Summer Season 3 Cast: Familiar Faces and New Additions!

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The cast of Black Summer Season 3 is also unknown at this point, as there has been no official confirmation or announcement from Netflix or the creators. However, based on the previous seasons, there are some possible actors and actresses that could return or join the show, such as:

  • Jamie King as Rose. She is the main protagonist of the series, a mother who is looking for her daughter in the zombie apocalypse. She may or may not return for Season 3, depending on her fate in Season 2 .
  • Justin Chu Cary as Spears. He is a former criminal who becomes Rose’s ally and friend. He may or may not return for Season 3, depending on his fate in Season 2 .
  • Christine Lee as Sun. She is a Korean woman who does not speak English, but communicates with the others through gestures and expressions. She is likely to return for Season 3, as she boarded a plane in Season 2 .
  • Zoe Marlett as Anna. She is Rose’s daughter who was separated from her mother in the first episode of the series. She became a zombie and shot her mother in Season 2 . She may or may not return for Season 3, depending on her fate in Season 2.
  • New cast members. The series has a high turnover rate of characters, as many of them die or disappear throughout the seasons. Therefore, it is possible that Season 3 will introduce new cast members to fill in the gaps or add new perspectives to the story.

Similar Shows Like Black Summer

If you are looking for similar shows like Black Summer, you may want to check out these titles:

  • Z Nation: This is the original series that Black Summer is a spin-off of. It follows a group of survivors who escort a man who is immune to the zombie virus across America . It is available on Netflix and Syfy.
  • The Walking Dead: This is one of the most popular and longest-running zombie shows on TV. It follows a group of survivors who face zombies, human enemies, and moral dilemmas in a post-apocalyptic world . It is available on Netflix and AMC.
  • Kingdom: This is a Korean historical drama that combines zombies with political intrigue. It follows a prince who investigates a mysterious plague that turns people into undead creatures . It is available on Netflix.

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