Black Mirror Season 7 Confirmed: Popular sci-fi hit on Netflix gets a sequel

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Netflix’s “Black Mirror” has been revolutionizing the science fiction genre since 2011. New chapters from the near and distant future await us in season 7.

Netflix audiences had to wait over four years for the sixth season of “Black Mirror”, but the hit series returned in the summer of 2023 with five new stories. After that, things went quiet again for the popular sci-fi title – until now! Because “Black Mirror” season 7 is now a done deal. According to Variety, The sequel will go into production this year.

When will Black Mirror season 7 start?

Despite the four-year hiatus, Netflix audiences have remained loyal to “Black Mirror”: At the start of season 6, the anthology series reached the Netflix top 10 in 92 countries and, believe it or not, remained in the streaming service’s global best list of English-language series for four weeks. Reason enough for those responsible to give the green light for “Black Mirror” season 7.

However, Netflix has not yet announced a fixed start date for the new episodes. The streaming provider usually allows around a year to pass before releasing a sequel. This cycle can also be seen (more or less) in “Black Mirror”. Although there was a good year and a half between seasons 4 and 5, audiences were treated to the interactive film “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” in the meantime.

It was only after season 5 that the anthology series took a long break, which has now come to an end. Accordingly, it is hoped that “Black Mirror” season 7 will return to its usual rhythm. If so, the sequel could be expected as early as summer 2024. According to Variety, production is due to start at the end of 2023, so this date could actually be met. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

Black Mirror Season 7: What is it about and who is involved?

As an anthology series, “Black Mirror” tells a completely new story in every episode. What unites the episodes is the genre, which ranges from drama to mystery, but is always categorized in the science fiction sector. So while we can’t give you an exact plot yet, we can at least speculate that season 7 will also be set in the world of sci-fi. As usual, Netflix and series creator Charlie Brooker are likely to tackle ethical and moral issues, the problems of which are likely to be embedded in a high-tech environment.

Just as unclear as the plot is the question of the cast due to the anthology character. Over the years, names such as Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”), Miley Cyrus (“Hannah Montana”), Jodie Whittaker (“Doctor Who”) and Anthony Mackie (“The First Avenger: Civil War”) have been on the cast list of “Black Mirror”. The series therefore knows how to attract big-name actors. It can therefore be expected that numerous stars will be back in front of the camera for Season 7.

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